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33 Year Old Prefers Young Teen Girls To Women My Age

Ive always had a sexual attraction to be with a very young girl. I suppose Its alot of little things that make me attracted to them but my motives would always be morally decent. I would never exert my power and control over them or hurt them in any way. They are beautiful sexy young flowers that deserve love and respect. I dont think Ill ever have a normal relationship because of my secret desires..but I have to be true to myself.
Madtrucker1980 Madtrucker1980 31-35, M 4 Responses Oct 10, 2013

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I had a 6 yr old suck me off while she sit on my face

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I would love to make love to a 10yo girl too. I almost did. We made out, sucked on each others necks, arms and bodies. She would grind on my leg until she would have an ******. She would sit on my lap with her shorts on and lean her head back while spreading her legs wide for me. I'd let my hands slide down from her little waste to her inner thighs. I wanted to slide my hand in her pants but I never did. I'm sure she wanted me to, but I never found the courage. I went on for over 2 years, and almost lost my mind. Just thinking of it now turns me on like nothing else...

You're a trucker if you're ever in so cal come **** my gf she's 20

Well, I'm an ancient, but feel very much like you, in some respects, and you put some things much better than me.
I have found some beautiful young flowers on EP.

Thanks..lil girls just make me so horny