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My Daddy Night Visits

It started by Dad coming into my room late at night. Rubbing my back, then my bottom. I was 10 tears old. I would feel my jammies and panties pulled down. He would rub my bare bottom. It felt nice, and soft. His fingers traveling into my *** crack. I was so relaxed. His fingers going into my poop hole. I tensed at first, but he soothed me.

When i turned 11 years old i would lay on my back when dad came in. Rub my tummy and then slide into my panties rubbing my labia. That felt so good. Thats when he would place my hand on his naked penis. I knew we were being Bad. But i love my daddy.
Rainixxx Rainixxx 18-21, F 8 Responses Nov 14, 2013

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Add this daddy and let's talk.

It was wrong, but if you enjoyed it I hope he taught you all about your body in special ways

Good girl

Did more happens later?

wish I was your daddy

dad knows what little girls need

That is so nice to hear, even nicer to think about....

very nice ,it really can be