Older Men Are Freaking Awesome

My friends have always thought I'm weird for feeling this way, but I adore older men.

Big Men, who are gray or going gray -- absolutely love them.

Some people think I have a daddy complex .. but really it's more because older = more experience, they truly appreciate being with a beautiful woman and making her feel exquisite.
CuuteePie CuuteePie
36-40, F
7 Responses Jul 21, 2010

Well I guess you found your daddy....I've got grey hair, brown eyes, enjoy the taste of a young woman, and I take long to ***....lol ...wanna ***? I'd luv it if you'd add me. xoxo

Hey, that sounds like me! I'm graying and I have blue eyes.

My darling, you ARE exquisite. You need an experienced tongue fingers and **** to fully appreciate you and bring out the full extent of your lust. I'm sure I could teach you some tricks!!! LOL xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Thank you CuuteePie for your kind comments on all of us older men. In this day and time of everything all about youth, virility, and sexiness many of us older men feel that the world has forgotten that we still are here and have a lot to offer. I hope you do feel the same about us balding men, too! My hair is still just as dark brown as it always was it's just mixed with a higher content of flesh tone coloring now. Again, thank you!

Then I'm your man! Nice to hear you say it babe. Just when we think its all down hil from here! Love your pics. Super-hot.

We have nothing left to prove and really enjoy pleasing a woman

I would think that anyone would want to make a lady like you feel exquisite.