My First Older Woman Experience

This was 10 years ago when I was 29. I was in a club on the dance floor one night, hanging with my other male mates, when I noticed a rather pretty blonde, short lady, who was very slim and quite petite looking, dancing. She had straight shoulder length hair and was wearing black trousers and a sleeveless red top with a thin headband on her hair. She glanced over at me at one point and I was in a happy mood, so just just raised my eyebrows at her with a slight smile but thought nothing of it. After all, I usually did that to young women and they just ignored me.

But a few minutes later she came towards me and to my surprise, she put her arms round my waist and started dancing with me! I responded by doing the same and we just simply hugged for a while, then.......... I thought I would try and be daring..............I aimed my lips at hers and she didn't back off and next thing I knew we were kissing quite slowly but enjoying it! When I moved my head back again, she was smiling, then she turned around with her back turned to me, and stood with her back up against my chest and from behind her, took my hands to put them round her waist. Then she held on to my hands. Not sure whether she was being safe and didn't want me touch her in places (well I wouldn't have if she didn't want me to and I didn't as I don't want to upset any women) but we continued to dance. I got a few jealous looks from some middle aged pot bellied men in their 40's and 50's too!! Ha Ha.

When she wanted to come off the dancefloor and get a drink, she asked did I want to come? You bet, I thought! So as she was driving, I got 2 lemonades at the bar. We chatted a bit, she was called Yvonne and was an advertising brochure designer and had a sports coupe car. She thought I was so tall aswell! I was probably giving her neck ache kissing her! I held her hand while chatting and we each put an arm around the others waist too.

Later she wanted to go dancing again, so I thought yeah cool, so we hit the floor again, and we enjoyed some more kissing and hugging and back stroking and rubbing.

Eventually near the end of the night, she was going to get her jacket, and go. I asked, could I see her again, but............ she said politely "Well I think you might be a bit young for me" - I said "Really? Why I'm 29" - she then laughed (as a female friend she came with was nearby listening and laughing too!) in shock and said "I'm 40!" Well at the time I was quite surprised and thought she was so much younger, although probably only slightly older than me, but I understood if she eventually thought I was too young, so I said it was lovely meeting her (she gave me one last hug and a kiss on the cheek) and we said goodbye...........

My friends thought I was so cool "pulling" her as we went back to the taxi queue, and did wonder if she was older, and my brother guessed 37? I said 40, and they agreed she seemed about that, but well worth it and simply HOT! My friend said "Well there you are......... women want your meat!"

Since then I've looked at older ladies in a different light, and would love to see if she's still as good now, although never got her surname or saw her again. She would be 50 now with me being 39. Would I see a woman that old now to date? Well let me know what you think of that age gap.............
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First encounter with older woman, met up at her house spoke for a while and she took me Into her bedroom very nice time they look after you and downstairs if you treat them well. My age 22 hers 39 17 years my senior. My next mission im still 22 and have one lined up 58 year old woman 36 my senior gonna be a good experience age is just a number.

Love your story. That nice lady will always remember you. Because you were such a gentleman, and showed her great respect. Nothing wrong with older woman at all. See what you have in common, and go from there. If you have time, enroll in either and adult ed/community college class. Anything that you like. What a great way to meet people with common interests. You know-study groups can lead to lunches and other stuff. That is how I met my true soul-mate, in and adult ed class! Please keep in touch...

the man i have fallen deeply in love with is 11 years younger than me. He is mature, caring, beautiful, and we have told each other we love each other and it is true.

As WiB said, age doesn't matter as long as his/her mind is mature and they know who they are and what they want. I have been on both ends of the age divide by as much as twenty years and it all worked out very well.

The age gap really doesn't matter if you are on the same wavelength ... it's maturity that counts on both sides. If a young man has maturity then no, the age gap doesn't matter. The obvious physical attraction of a younger man is meaningless (to me anyhow) if he doesn't have the mind to go with it.

I'm 28 now, but when I was 26 I dated and actually fell in love with a woman of 41. It was the best relationship I've ever known,we dated for a year but ended because she couldn't get over the age difference. Would I date a woman in her 50's?? Certainly because I know that a relationship can be based on other factors other than age.