The Hot Hockey Mom


Sorry for such a VERY long / VERY explicit story - I've been writing, re-writing this real story for the last few months... i just can't get the memory out of my head and I long to go back in time.  

I was a great hockey player in HS and went on to play some college hockey before I got hurt.  I wasn’t going to go pro, but it was my life.  In order to fill the void, I started coaching youth hockey for kids between the ages of 12 – 14.  I had a player on my team with a lot of skill and ability – so I spent a lot of time helping develop his natural talent.  The truth is – I was always more interested in his mom.  Ali was around 43 – short with an unbelievable petite body, tight ***, great ****, green eyes and short brown hair (my all time favorite thing is short hair).

Soon after the season started, Ali and her husband got a divorce and their son had a pretty hard time with it, so Ali asked that I look after him – show him some extra attention.  I was so infatuated with Ali that I would have done virtually anything she asked me to do.  I would walk Ali and her son to their car every night after the game or practice, tussled the kid’s hair and tell him good game / practice… give Ali a little smile and walk away.  By the time I was to my car, I was already imagining how I was going to stroke myself thinking about her… imagining what it would be like to smell her hair, suck on her nipples, and lick her *****.  Sometimes I would be so worked up; I would end up rubbing myself off in my car before I even got home.

About halfway through the season, we had a tournament in Northern Minnesota – the team would all stay together at a local hotel for the duration of the tourney.  Most of the kids shared rooms and the parents and coaches would have their own private rooms.  At night, after the games, the kids would play in the pool – watch movies and go to sleep around 10.  The parents would usually end up in the lobby bar drinking for a few hours… talking puck, discussing how the team was playing… standard parent / coach stuff.  This particular night, the parents were on a high.  We beat a top ranked team in the state and were playing in the championship game the following afternoon.  The drinks were flowing – I was being toasted for the team’s big win and I was on a high and getting pretty sauced.

Around midnight, most of the parents departed and I was left with a few stragglers and Ali.  My heart was pounding… all I could think about was if I was going to have the courage to make a move.  After returning from the bathroom, the bar was empty – it was as if the party closed and I was left to turn out the lights.  I was devastated… until I heard Ali ask if I was up for a shot of tequila.  I turned around and found her on the back corner of the bar with two shot glasses.  I sidled up next to her where we dropped ‘em back together.  Without even a hint of a shiver, she licked her lips and said “…I used to love Tequila in College…”  I simply remarked “no reason not to love it now”.  She got a forlorn look on her face and made some remark under her breath about how she never should have married her college boyfriend.  “I missed out on a lot of things that everyone should get to experience during and after college.  I got married instead… and NOW that douche bag decides that (throwing air quotes) “we’ve grown apart”… **** him!
“You’re looking at this all wrong” I said.  “This is a golden opportunity for you…” – really she remarked… “How do you figure?”  I stuttered “You have a chance to experiment – try new things.”  “Really – like what”. 

I knew this was it – now or never… I needed to throw it out there… “You could **** your son’s hockey coach”… was what I wanted to say… of course I didn’t.  My head was racing, the tequila was starting to hit my brain and all I could think about was how she was too good looking to be remotely interested in some 20 year old kid – even if I did get any chance to kiss her, she would think I was some inexperienced boy.  I choked - “You get a chance to date again” I said sheepishly.  “I am” She replied.

The bartender dropped the worst words known to man when a guy hasn’t closed the deal – “Last Call folks.”  Ali dropped a few bills on the bar and said she was going to use the ladies room and glided across the floor.  I watched her as she walked away from me – perfect in every way – her husband was a ******* MORON!  How could he ever let her get away…? I couldn’t even talk to this gorgeous woman and he could have ****** her anytime he wanted.

I met Ali in the lobby in front of the elevator – we stepped in “four please” – I pushed the 4 button and 6th floor for me.  The elevator glided up the shaft in total silence “DING” 2nd floor chimed – I needed to recover NOW – “she is going to totally reject you dude” my conscious cried out – “DING” 3rd floor chimed – “Who cares!” the other side of my brain countered “You will NEVER get a chance to be with a woman like this in your life again!” – “DING.”
The door opened and Ali moved to step out – “Congratulations – you guys did a great job today.”  Just as Ali started to turn away, my hand snapped out and grasped her wrist… she looked down at my hand and back up to my face blankly and in that split second I pulled her to me, wrapped her arm behind her and pushed her up against the elevator wall.  I kissed her with reckless abandon – my lips hard on hers, no tongue at first, just hard pressure.  At first it was as if she was in total shock, and then, as the door slid shut, her hand grasped the back of my head and she thrust her tongue into my mouth.  It was as if lightning struck us both – my leg pushed between her thighs, with one hand still holding her wrist behind her back I grasped her tight *** with my other hand, pulling her crotch onto my thigh.

“DING” – The door slid open and without a word I took her hand and guided her to my room.  The key slid into the lock, the door swung open and we entered the room in seconds flat.  I dropped the key on the floor and pushed her up against the wall – our mouths open and pressed hard against each other.  Our tongues thrusting in and out of each other, dancing back and forth as if we had dated for years.  My hand grasped her firm *** and I squeezed harder than I should have, but Ali just squealed and grasped my rock hard **** and returned the favor.  Grinding on the wall, I smelled her hair, kissed her neck and earlobe and whispered “I want to **** you so bad” – Ali squeezed my **** and grabbed the hair on the back of my head and pulled our mouths back together.

Ali was wearing a white sweater, a Gray and blue wool mini skirt with dark great tights – I will never forget how the fabric burned my arm as my hand slid between her thighs and I rubbed her crotch with my hand… she started to pump back and forth, pressing down harder on my hand.  I dropped down on my knees and pulled her tights down… negotiating her boots off and freeing her from her tights.  I pulled her leg over my shoulder and drove my face deep into her mound.  I thrust my tongue into her slit – furious to make her ***… she pulled my hair back and looked into my eyes… “slow down – we’ve got all night… and not so hard.” 

My heart was racing – fear was starting to creep back in… I’m going to **** this up… she’s going to think I suck in bed… I’m never going to be able to get her off.  She guided my head back into her crotch and I gently started to lick her warm slit – rubbing my head she applied pressure giving me subtle queues when to press harder and when to back off.  I probed my tongue into her ***** and began lick her slit in long deep strokes, pressing the tip of my tongue on her **** and flicking back and forth like I had seen so many times watching ****.  I took my hands off her thighs and move one to her *** and with the other I pulled her lips open with my thumb.  I started to probe again… long / deep strokes, flicking her ****.  As she pulled my hair, I pushed harder, driving my tongue back and forth along her slit and frantically flipping her **** – her hand, tightly gripping my hair, suddenly she started to shutter and she exhaled a deep moan ******* in my mouth.

In an instant, Ali pulled me up by my collar and directed me towards the bed – one firm push on my chest and I was on my back.  In an instant, my shoes were off, my belt undone and my zipper down… she reached in and pulled out my rock hard ****.  A drop of *** was oozing out the top of my head, slowly starting to slide down the side… Ali extended her tongue all the way out, leaned forward and with a giant stroke, licked the clear drop off… and then straightened back up and kissed me deep.  I NEVER had a girl kiss me after tasting my ***… I could taste the salt mixed with her hot saliva.  She crouched down between my legs and pulled my pants off.  Pushing my thighs apart, she grasped my giant pole in her and looked me in the eyes… “I’ve wanted to suck you off for the last 2 months… what took you so long.” 

Her mouth tried to take my entire **** in one gulp – I could feel the pressure on the back of her throat as she pushed down and back up… then down harder and back up.  She was starting to suck on my head and I almost came in an instant - I started to shiver and moan and she pulled up… “Relax… just relax” she urged, I couldn’t believe this was happening to me… this was EVERYTHING I EVER DREAMED OF and it was happening live – for real, not ******* off in my car as I played it out between my ears.  I was terrified I was going to blow and prove I was a boy… but her gentle hand slowly stroked the base of my hard on, as she moved up and kissed me hard on the mouth.  As she pulled back, she stroked my cheek and said “just relax and enjoy.” 

Every girl I dated would cover their face with their long hair when they blew me – it drove me crazy.  I would always try to move their hair out of the way, and they would always move back to cover their face.  Not Ali… she stared into my eyes as her tongue would slide up my shaft like a popsicle, licking my head and then taking me into her mouth.  Over and over again, she would pull my **** up so she could see her treasure and her tongue would glide up and down, stroking her hand in time.  She quickened the pace, pushing harder and harder with her hand as if she wanted me to ***… I reached down and pulled her face to mine, driving my tongue into her mouth, for some strange reason, hoping to taste the *** again.

The rest of our clothes were torn from each other and discarded without consideration for where they landed.  Ali’s perfect body lay on the bed before me as I crawled on top of her.  Her knees fell to the sides – my **** slid into her like spearing hot butter… she was so wet I could feel her juices pushing out of the way.  My thrust took her by surprise as I drove as deep as I could.  Her nails tore into my *** as she pulled me in harder.  Her hips rocked back up and she moved to grasp her calves as she pulled her legs apart.  I started my rhythm – in and out, slow and deep at first and gaining speed and force with each stroke.  Pumping harder and deeper… harder and deeper, she called out “OH GOD YES… HARDER” – my pace quickened and I drove harder and harder only wanting to make her ***.  “HARDER – YES… GOD YES…” her hands released her calves and her legs feel forward as she grabbed my face and pulled me to her mouth.  I could feel her juices squirting on my legs as I pulled out – I never experienced anything like this… I was so totally turned on that I made her respond in such a way that I drove my face right into her *****… sucking every drop… probing and licking as if I was parched and in search of water.  She came again in my mouth – pressing my face deep into her *****.

I lifted my face from her mound and grabbed her leg and rolled her over – she dropped her chest to the mattress and extended her arms all the way in front of her, raising her tight *** in the air.  I rubbed my hard **** back and forth on her ***, slowly starting to press against her ***** – finally relenting; I drove deep into her, pulling her waist back with each thrust forward.  Pushing her away and the pulling her back as I drove forward, I could feel my head slamming into the back of her canal.  I could feel nothing but complete and total joy… this was the single most beautiful woman I had ever known, and this was the single greatest sexual experience of my young life.  My lust grew harder and I pounded into her deeper and deeper – she grasped the pillow in front of her and buried her face as she screamed.  I could hear the muffled cries of ecstasy.

She made a sudden move and dropped forward as I slid out and without warning she was on top of me – her face in front of mine, grasping my **** and sliding it into her as she slid on and started to rock back and forth.  Pumping and grinding back and forth, slow at first and harder – she pulled her knees up and dropped her arms back to my thighs as she did pumped up and down, stopping every few strokes to push down hard and grind on my crotch.  With her hips creating circles, grinding on my ****, her jaw clinched – I could see her teeth start to grind as she muttered “I’m going to make you ***, like you’ve never come before…” 

Her hips drove deep into my crotch as she rocked forward – grasped my hands and thrust them onto her perfect ****.  She squeezed so hard, I thought I was going to tear them off, but I followed her lead, grasping them as if I was holding on for my life.  She picked up the pace and started to pump up and down, harder and harder until I couldn’t take it anymore… I started to arch my back and reach out to my sides for support… I grasped the sheets… when she popped off, grasped my **** and thrusted it deep into her throat – I exploded deep into her mouth… it felt like an eternity as the *** poured out of me… she began to milk my rod, pulling every last drop into her mouth.  I pulled her face to mine – yearning to taste my ***… proof that she existed, this was reality and we did just **** better than any fantasy I could have imagined.
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May 13, 2011