Older Women Make Better Lovers

 I always have loved older women.  As a teen I was always attracted to women in their thirties and forties, and yes, some in their fifties.

The only thing that has changed as I aged is the age of the women who turn me on.  Sure, younger women are hot, but older women will screw your balls blue!

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I need love !! That can lead to marry and happy home plan

I have been married 4 times in my short 53 year life and yes I am sorr to say the first three were to all the same women and she was younger. I really do not know what I was thinking I was either dumb are stupid you take your pick. The only thing that came out of those three marriagies were two lovley daughters. My wife that I am married to now have been together for 21 years she is 58 and I am 53 and God bless her she is just a great lover friend and confident. I thank God for her ever day and will continue to do so.Younger women sure they are tempting but better lovers I do not think so.

I am a 50s CD now living full time as a woman. i can tell you I love a man ******* me for as hard and as long as he can. Just can't get enough ****. <br />
<br />
I will certainly **** your balls blue and then some.

My best 2 lovers were both older women--definately know how to pleasure a man and know what they want from you! Older is better!

we are hot! ♥

I'm an older woman looking to get into a relationship with a younger man, one in particular at my call-center job. I'm forty-three and when I check his facebook profile it says he's twenty-four. My friends say I'm 'gross' for wanting a boy, and that my life is over, and his is just beginning, so leave him alone.

In recent years, I have had experiences with a number of older women and the opportunities are increasing as I get older!<br />
<br />
They seem to be in a similar situation. Usually over 45, only married once and their children have all left home. It seems they become easier as they get older, as long as you are subtle in your approach. <br />
<br />
I have now had nine encounters like this, the eldest being 74. Inevitably, the husbands no longer are interested or they are just boring. Some husbands do not know what the **** is all about. Amazing, some of the details you here.<br />
<br />
The important points are not to be obvious and keep the meetings very much under cover. Never even talk about making a life together. Their family usually comes first and they just want to enjoy some exciting sex. Often, they want to try things their husbands would not do and this can be rewarding and eye-opening.<br />
<br />
The most important thing is that you like each other's company. <br />
<br />
Keep it quiet and do not tell anyone. It is so rewarding.

No argument from me!!! I'm 44 & my wife is 58, & the 12 years we've been together, (11 years married), have been the best years of my life, especially in the bedroom. Part of it is the fact that we're both pretty open sexually, (at least in what we do as a couple, we don't swing), & part of it is the fact that she had already gone through menopause when we began dating. No worries about getting pregnant, no need for birth control, & no more periods! Even after 12 years together, hardly a day goes by that we don't do something sexual, be it intercourse, oral, mutual ************, or anal, not to mention any & every position we can think of. Often, (especially on the weekends), it's 2-3 times a day. Plus, my wife knows how to move in bed, not just lying there. She matches me thrust for thrust.<br />
<br />
I had never dated or been with a woman more than 3 years older than me before meeting my wife, & I can safely say that older women are the best lovers!!

what do you think about same sex couples? i like older men and women.

Oh, okay. Glad I didn't say anything bad, I'd prove myself a real arse. lol

"peaceonearth, just a figure of speech"<br />
<br />
I know honey,was just kidding around with you...<br />

peaceonearth, just a figure of speech, silly. I just mean that older women are terrific lovers.

"..older women will screw your balls blue!.."<br />
<br />
Oh look at the time,I am so outta here!<br />
ps<br />
You consider blue balls a good thing?

Why, is he into older women?

talk to freud

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