Older Woman Make Great Lovers


I have always loved older woman, when I was a teenager the first woman I was with was 36 I was 17 and from then on its been the same out of all the woman I have been with I have only been with 3 that were the same age or younger but I always go back to the older females, like my ex girlfriend she is 43 no she turned 43 in march we only split up last year I am only 24, I don’t know what it is, they want to try a heap of things with you and they just go crazy with you, it makes me insane, a part of it is always the taboo side of it like its frowned upon for a older woman to be with anyone younger than her but especially another female and that just makes it that much better, most of the older females only now have started coming to terms with their sexuality so they want to explore and experience everything they can and to be completely honest I am only happy to help them because it’s just so hot with them

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And we appreciate your help, dahling. --DW

I agree.... I'm a guy who's been with a few woman much older than I and WOW..... That's all I can say!!

who seduced who if you were 17 she was 36

hot they know who they are and how to please also adventrouse