Golden Wine

I love olive oil.

Currently, my favorite olive oil that I use daily is San Damiano.

It is golden wine to me.  Smooth and buttery.

I love it on salads and drizzled on peaches before grilling them.

It is excellent to dip with bread.
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5 Responses Jul 30, 2011

Half a medium to large firm peach, put olive oil on the inner sides of the peach, place face down on a grill for a few minutes (just to get grill lines and warm the peach). Take the peach off the grill and drizzle honey and slivered almonds on top. You can even put some yogurt in the center of the cored out area and sprinkle cinnamon for a little yum at presentation.

oh that sounds HEAVENLY. I will enjoy every bite ;-)

I will try this one now! (Mmmm on peaches before grilling!)

The oil was great and I loved the seasonings you gave with it. They are great on everything.

Just remember what I said about bread users!!


That is my favorite olive oil too! You've got great taste in oil and in sisters. (wink, wink, nudge, nudge)