The Best Show In The World (may Contain Spoilers)

I am still gutted this ended - don't think my head even realises it sometimes.
I was a late comer to the show - discovered it in August 2008 - my little cousin watched it and i was staying with her aunty that summer and my oth obsessed cousin came and stayed too cos we are really close but she insisted she had to watch OTH so i sat with her. I didn't get it at first - people looked so similar i couldn't work out who was who or why or what their stories were.

That episode was when Haley had Jamie then the next day was obviously their graduation party. From there i had my cousin try to explain to me who everyone was and slowly i became hooked. After i got home from that stay with my family i got season 1 on dvd and literally spent all my spare time watching it - each episode gripped me and i needed to know more.

The hatred for Dan grew the more it delved into his character and for a while Nathan wasn't much better - how he was with Lucas when he joined the Ravens was horrible.

Haley and Lucas were a brilliant friendship and Lucas' relationship with Karen and Keith was lovely - their little set up as a family and accepting Haley into that dynamic was electric.

Peyton was ok - bit moody but i guess through the years you grow to love that about her. Her friendship with Brooke was inspiring - everything i wished for in a friendship.

There was even supporting characters like Mouth/Skills/Junk and Fergie - they were amazing too - they all came on that journey with Lucas from River Court to school heroes

Close to the end of season 1 saw a dramatic change in Nathan and the relationship with Lucas blossomed aswell as Nathan's love for Haley - she changed him for the better.

Dan still never improved but that's what you come to love about the guy through the years - that super snappy tongue he has for classic one liners be it to Deb or to Karen or Lucas or Nathan or Haley. I may have hated that guy alot through the 9 series but Paul's acting skills are spot on - anyone who can have me yelling at the screen with hatred one minute then cheering hoping he escapes from psycho Carrie the next to cheering when he finally kills her is a genius.

I loved the couples as they were being played out in front of my eyes - i never loved or hated specific couples - Lucas and Peyton were great but Brooke and Lucas was too - Nathan and Haley were the golden couple throughout really so Rachel's attempts at getting Nathan didn't sit well with me but i loved Rachel - until she stole money from Brooke.

Golden moment of the whole show? That's easy - 3x16 - the whole arch leading up to that from start to finish was amazing - Keith getting his dream - The cheerleaders winning their competition and annoying Rachel (who was trying to get rid of Brooke then) - Lucas was going to get the dad he always deserved...officially anyway - everyone looks so happy when the boys join the girls on the stage to dance to the Go Team!'s "Huddle Formation" Including Karen and Keith in the audience who had just got engaged. Then BANG - the time capsule gets released and the boy from the first couple episodes that no one really remembers the first time you see 3x15 airs his hatred of the whole school including his ex best friend Mouth and then decides the best way to deal with his anger and hurt is to shoot up the school - that episode is so powerful from start to finish - the angry, hurt boy in Jimmy Edwards - the realisation in Brooke that people know her but she doesn't know them and that may just contribute to any one of them kids feeling the way Jimmy does - Nathan's love for Haley that he would go into that school to save her and Lucas following him in only to go and save Peyton - the deadly silence of that school once the episode gets going - the bags and books dropped in fear - Keith trying to save the day - Abby Brown and her diabetes making Jimmy let her run free - Jimmy being in the tutor centre with a gun and no one knowing for a while - Marcus treating Jimmy in exactly the way that caused the gun play to begin with - Jimmy killing himself and the Dan coming to finish off Keith - that speech from Brooke to the reporter. The list is endless - it's a real turning point for the show and alot of the characters and the death of Jimmy and Keith is forever important to the stories from that point on - be it Lucas hating Jimmy in the early days after that to the discovery that Abby saw who really did kill Keith - to the way Lucas is with Jamie and to the relationship between Dan and most if not all of the main characters and Dan as a character himself.

There are so many times i hate and love Dan throughout and he does do wonderful with Jamie and for that I will forever love him but the only time i ever felt like i forgave him for Keith's murder was when he was sat on that river court with Nathan explaining how the darkness just took over and in a moment of weakness he pulled the trigger that ultimately killed his brother - that scene was so powerful and ultimately i was gutted he died but it was great when Keith came and took him to heaven

Jamie Scott - amazing little character - he has made me laugh, cry and say awww so many times - even when i watch them again i get the same feelings - those episodes where he found out Lydia was dying were golden heartbreaking episodes - and when Quentin died and when Haley was giving birth to Lydia and when he found out Dan was dying and when Nathan was missing and when he was upset during Nathan's wheelchair days - that boy was amazing in so many episodes be them heartbreaking or so funny you cant breathe and he will always be the boy who turned Dan Scott soft - their relationship was electric

Then there was little Logan - talk about another heartbreakingly cute child - was so cute when he called Clay dad in the last ever episode and when he called Quinn mum - amazing stuff.

There was some great tunes through out too - some of my most valued songs on my ipod are from this show - songs that are sad because they remind you of that sad moment it was played or of a certain character - Mark had a real talent for finding songs to match your feelings while watching the stories he was telling us - they really do add to the stories and make you believe them that little bit more

The whole series had amazing episodes and has given me so much since i discovered it that summer - feelings i never thought i'd feel for fictional characters and stories - memories that will last a life time - love for a show that i will never feel again - that feeling that i need to see more and discover what comes next - anger/happiness/heartbreak/laughter/excitement - every feeling you could imagine was there at one point or another.

I would absolutely love to meet anyone who experienced stuff like this with the show so if you indentify with my journey through the show i would love to hear from you
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Dec 9, 2012