Until Last Week I Was a 'one Tree Hill Virgin'

Well it's been half-term the last week, a week off from school, and I went to Wales with a friend and her family. We stayed in a cottage and it was really fun. Now she loves One Tree Hill and had brought Series 2 with her which we started watching. After the second one, I loved it!. In a few days we managed to watch nearly all of Series 2 and when I got home I watched the rest of Series 2 and the whole of Series 1. :)


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I have the perfect solution - tell him you're pregnant...<br />
-domitilla :P

Erm....may have to wait around =/ 8 years for those M&Ms ......

Grrrrr..... Oh well. I think this is Karma for something bad I've done yet haven't realised I've done it... Make sure he brings the M&Ms... <br />
-domitilla ;)

Erm...domitilla, he was going to but then I realised...American DVDs don't work on British DVD pla<x>yers =/ sorry bubs :(

By the way, if you don't get Bryan to post Season 6 over, I may have to scratch your eyes out, just a little bit...<br />
I may also leave some abuse on his Facebook page about his views, but I was thinking of doing that anyway...<br />

I really love the show :) I started watching it like 3 4 years ago. I recently brought all the seasons off of amazon. for really cheap. I have all 5 except season 6.

Yeah well at four I was refusing to be baptised so.... :)

That's really cool! Do you watch the show at all?<br />
<br />
( Note to Rose <br />
I was four and changed my mind pretty damned fast when I got into politics...<br />
Do not make me come over there!<br />
Kisses (urgh, don't you hate that sentiment?!),<br />
<br />

I live about 10 k's from One Tree Hill!<br />
<br />
In South Australia!

Speaking of past things we though t of wanted....Miss I-used-to-want-to-be-American.....<br />
Well I do thank you for introducing it to me :)

** eye rolling ** <br />
What happened to the whole 'I don't like trashy American dramas' speach you gave me? You so would not like this if it weren't for me...