I Love It When He Broods!

Um... I'm trying really hard to find a sentence which will not make me sound beyond the normalities of obsessed. Ok, it's settled: I can't.

I mean, I'm not the stereotypical 'must-watch-more' compulsive viewer, but I'd definitely rather watch it than football, or doing  some other annoying task, such as homework or washing up.

I really like Peyton, and actually felt genuinely sad after watching some of the stuff in Season 5.  I really like her music taste and the way she dresses etc.  I also think, after watching some of the other stuff she's been in, Hilarie Burton is a great actress.

I like Chad Michael Murray, too, but often find his character's apparent need to quote something every single episode kind of annoying.  Also I find it funny when he broods...

The emphasis on basketball is sometime a little overdone, but it does provide some comical moments...

I'm excited for when Season 6 airs in the UK in the summer (E4, but I don't know the exact date, yet), even though I pretty much know what's happened thanks to Youtube and Wikipedia...

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Lol, how's the weather at the mo? Over here, it's bloody freezing ... ;) <br />
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one tree hill is a great show---thanks!

One Tree Hill is a beautiful little township!<br />
<br />
With a pub, a servo,and footy club it is only a few k's from <br />
<br />
me!<br />
<br />
....Where else but in South Australia?