But I Haven't Had One In Forever ...

... because they're battered and deep fried and ... well, fattening. *drool* Deliciously fattening.
I like them really cripsy, perhaps a little seasoned.
My significant other hates onions. It leave my life a little onion-less. It's a hard road I travel ;)
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2 Responses Sep 30, 2011

Can i just tell you that I am addicted to red onions? Why? i don't know but i must have iraw onion chunks on everything. I agree the onion rings are fatty but i buy those plastic boxes with cutup onions and I keep those handy in the fridge. Omelette - onions; soup - onions, salads - onions - must have onions!! Don't ask me to slice them though - i cry so bad...

Red onions are my favorite, too! I didn't know how to cook for my boyfriend when we first started dating. I mean, leaving onions out of stuff? I don't know how to make up for the flavor they add. We both love garlic, so I use a lot of that, but he won't eat scallions either. Or shallots. I haven't investigated the leek department ... I'll try that next ;)

Onions are very good for you too. You could always enjoy them when you're not with your significant other. Like you said, they are fattening and can be very greasy. I love onions, yet I rarely enjoy the rings even though they are mighty tasty.

I'm a vegetarian, so when we're out to eat sometimes we'll get the things the other person "denies" us--I smother everything in onions and he gets something that used to have a face.
Seriously, his thing with onions is like some freakish phobia.