The Best English Comedy Show Ever

from its humble beginnings in 1981 and nearly being axed by the BBC after a poor first run
and to then having the biggest audience ever for a TV sitcom in Britain 24.3million viewers
a third of the population tuned in 1996 for the episode "Time on their hands" when they became millionaires. voted Britains best ever sit com in 2004, Delboy dodgy market trader
his wally brother Rodney Silly old Grandad than old Uncle Albert with his wartime stories
Dodgy car dealer Boycie then Trigger the dustman Denzil the lorry driver.
Del (oldest brother) Rodney (younger brother)and Grandad lived in a Tower block in Peckham South London and scrimped and scraped their way through life trying to make a living
Del was a Ladies man Rodney was useless with women although he got married in the end.
they drove round in a yellow 3 wheel reliant robin van which always broke down
Del got married in the end so they made everything a happy ending when filming finished in 2004 and Del and Rodney became Fathers.
Empire magazine ranked Only Fools and Horses number 42 on their list of 50 greatest television shows of all time and it won countless awards.
Because of the English London cockney humour many people believed Americans wouldnt understand the show with the one liners and jokes but im not sure if thats true i dont know if they show it in the USA they show reruns here so maybe they do it was so funny
defoekeane defoekeane
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Sep 24, 2012