Making New Friends From Old Friends

I was out in the garden and doing a little weeding around a few rows, the weeds had gotten quite tall. I was about 30 yards from road and was not paying a lot of attention. I hear someone say "Hello Tim", not thinking I stood up. There were a couple who are friends of wife and I. There was not much else to do, so I waved hi, commented on the weather and went back to weeding. I noticed that they continued down the road and assumed wife was going to give me the devil when she found out about it.

The next thing I knew, I heard something by the driveway and looked over and Randy and Juanita were walking up the lawn from the drive. I stood up and walked over to edge of garden, they both looked me up and down. Juanita made a comment that I looked quite cool working like that, and I told her it was and she should try it sometime. Randy looked at me, smiled and said no time like the present, and he started to take his shirt off and followed with shorts and underwear. I did not think anything of it and walked back into garden and he followed. We were working away and chatting, when Juan asked what row to weed? I turned to her and was quite surprised to see her nude also, she was always quite shy and appeared to me to be prudish.

I told her anywhere she liked, and went to a row of carrots and started weeding. We worked for about 30 minutes and told them I had enough for today. I then asked if they would like some coffee or tea. They both stated that it would be nice to have some. They picked up their clothes and followed me to the house, leaving their clothes on the deck. I asked Randy if he wanted coffee or beer and we both thought beer would taste better, Juan decided for tea. I mentioned we could have it on the deck, although deck can be seen from road also but at a distance.

They both opted for the deck as it would be cooler. I made a cup of tea for her and got Randy and I a couple Sam Adams Octoberfest. I also brought some snacks out. We were sitting on deck and chatting, having a good time when Randy asked if I ever had a problem sitting with a nude woman. I told him no, not as a rule, why? He said he was getting hard watching his wife, I told him it was normal response and not to let it bother him. Juan started teasing him about it. I just smiled and suddenly noticed I was getting hard also. I mentioned it and Juan leaned over the table and yelled "My God he is".

About that time my wife pulled in driveway. we waved and did not move from table. Wife came up lawn and onto deck and stopped short when she saw us nude. She does not give me much grief about it, but does not participate herself. She said hello and kept her eyes averted from Randy and Juanita. She poured herself a cup of tea and sat next to me, I made a comment it must be warmer than I thought, as She was alwful red. We all had a good laugh. The couple stayed for another 30 minutes or so, and then walked over put on their clothes and proceeded with their walk back home. After they left, my wife was almost hysterical, saying what are people going to say etc. I simply told her, who is going to know, I doubt if they are going on facebook and tell about their nude experience on our deck.

About 35 minutes after they left, we received a phone and my wife talked to Juanita. She told my wife what a great time they had and would we like to come over for coffee on Friday nite. Juanita told my wife it would be clothing optional. I can hardly wait for Friday.
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2 Responses Sep 5, 2012

Your story of friends dropping by, stripping off, working with you in the garden, then staying for a while for a beer and a cup of tea and snacks is inspirational! Maybe the day will come when your wife is more relaxed about you and other neighbors being naked on the deck. You're right: the situation was probably not bandied about on FB!

Now that is a great story and the best friends you will ever meet. Just there were more people like those in this world, not condeming and open minded.