Different Nude Story

I was on vacation in a country in Central America, and I had befriended a local female. Some acquaintenances of hers were in the country from Europe, and they called her to get together. They wanted to go swimming, so my friend, her 12 year old son and myself picked up the European couple at their hotel, and we all drove to a local beach. Everyone but myself was in bathing suits, while I was wearing my bermudas. We drove to a somewhat remote little beach that was deserted.
After a while, the Wife of the European couple asked my friend if they could skinny dip. My friend said that since no one else was around to complain, it should be okay. So the European couple ******** off their suits and went swimming. They kept on asking my friend to do the same. So she asked her son if he would mind, and he replied that it didn't matter. She dove into the ocean, took off her suit and threw it on the sand. I decided to take off my bemudas and to join the three skinny dippers in the ocean. The four of us swam around for a while, and then we all decided to get out of the water, in order to sit on the beach and watch the beautiful sun set. It was silly for us to get dressed, so the two nude couples sat down to watch the sunset.
(My friend's son had kept his suit on)
srithanonchai srithanonchai
61-65, M
Sep 20, 2012