Just Wondering--did God Screw Up?

Everyone I have been around has never liked nudity. They think its dirty, sick, disgusting, etc.   I sometimes ponder......If everything God has created is so beautiful, the lakes, bubbling brooks, raging rivers, mountains, trees/forests, yeah the list goes on and on....then why isn't the human body??

So then did God screw it up when he made us?  If not then why do you have to go to "colonies" or some way out of the way place to just be free of clothes?

Why is it so free in Europe to just take it off and "let it hang"?  But its so "taboo" here in this stupid country?

If I spot a nice lil water spot and want to take a dip and not get any clothes wet, then why would someone gasp in disgust if they saw me?

just things I have been wondering....have you thought about this too?
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I'm in Vega$ and cant find anywhere for nudity, I was going to Phoenix for a pool party, but that's a 300 mile drive! If anyone knows of places closer to me, definitely let me know ASAP!!! Would love to skinny dip and just be free! If your coming here let me know ahead of time, and we can meet and talk

God doesnt make mistakes. it all goes back to when adam and eve sinned and discovered they were naked. they hid themselves because of shame and guilt. nudity is sexualized and frowned upon and i dont understand it. i am a christian and i love God but i also love being naked. nudity is beautiful not indecent. people should not be afraid to be themselves or ashamed of their bodies. so the law makes us cover up because the truth about nudity is not seen nor explained for what is really is. so being restricted to being naked in our homes, going to nude beaches and resorts just to get naked. and now people are taking the risk of going naked in public knowing they are not suppose to, knowing they can get caught. when people see that they are quick to call the cops even if they are not bothering anyone. nudity itself is not nor has it ever been sexual or equals sex. nudity is a part of my life and God wont condemn me for it. society is misinformed about nudity.

i have often wondered the same thing about nudity! Few people who have never travelled abroad are aware of this but, by and large most every other country in the world is tolerant, even practicing nudity in their every day lives! i have lived in the USA since college but, up until then was fortunate enough to have grown up on an island few have ever heard of! i basically grew up completely bareassed naked until the age of 7, when i was given my first pair pants, followed by 5 years remaining shirtless and barefoot, at 12, boys get their first shirt, and at 16, their first pair of shoes, This was all ancient island tradition, and i am so thankful that my parents followed it! Just because we got various components of clothing, did not mean that we all of a sudden abandoned the only lifestyle we had known previously (going bareassed naked 24/7), the clothes were for the most part intended to wear to school. i continued to go to the beach, bowling, tennis courts, ice skating {yup--bizarre that an island nearly on the equator would have an ice skating rink but we did, and i have not EVER worn one stitch of clothing in all the times i have skated there!!)sailing, shopping, library, cinema, and golf totally without a stitch of clothing! Nudity is allowed bv law all over the island, with the exception of on the fishing pier, a couple of restaurants which forbid it, and it is banned at the City Hall, but permitted at the nation's capitol not 500 yards away! Growing up naked blessed me with very healthy attitudes toward sexuality, the body, and was largely to blame for believing i was bisexual from the the time i lost my virginity at 12 until i realized i was pure gay at age 20. No doubt the laid- back attitude toward sex was also contributory in my being a single unwed teen father to my 5 illegitimate sons by the time i was 19 {which i am fiercely proud to have raised mostly alone since my first bourne was bourne when i was just 13!) i still embrace, believe in, and am of the nudist lifestyle, and am deeply proud that i raised my sons the same way! Of the 5 of them {now all in their 20's/30's| 3 are devout and practicing naturists. 1 is not at all into the naked thing, and the other one is just primarily socially naked. i hate puritan, victorian ignorance!!

WOW--where is this island?

The island is in the Mauritius, which is autonomous, independent nation in the Indian Ocean, equidistant to the coastline of Africa, and India {607nm E of Africa, S of India}!

All i can say is, "wow"--what an incredibly powerful piece you wrote! i have long wondered the same thing.....but having been pretty much everywhere there is to go on the planet (one of the few unique benefits of being a flight attendant for many years!), i can attest to the fact that the USA is definitely one of the last hold-outs where permitting nudity is concerned! Really totally ignorant, closed minded, and terribly misinformed are those who fight one's right to go naked! It is common misconception in the US that nudity automatically breeds wild sexual bouts, orgies, even random rape! i have moronic relatives who live in the country who actually believe all this to be true!

This country was based on Christian principles and just like everything else sometimes they/we all act like sheep and follow what is thought to be right.
As far as myself, I think we should all be free thinkers and live and let live. I always say everyone has seen a penis or boobs, whats the big deal. Sure some are larger and some are smaller than what we have seen. Im with you babyboy, let it all hang out!

Well, you have a point there. I've been wondering that for years. To me its no big deal if you want to take a quick dip in the scud on a hot day, or if a wifie wants to breastfeed her wean on the top deck of a no.16.

I think its a pyschological attraction/repulsion thing.

I'm really intrigued as to the idea of expression through fashion. Morally I find clothing and style just all vanity and a bit borderline, but......

I'm really curious to how it evolved.Folk will express themselves as to who they are through fashion which people connect with on a subconscious level. You're even taught how to dress for interviews etc. I've been intrigued by this idea for years. I mean in deference to 3 million years of evolution we no longer sit and pick fleas off our partner's fur.
So what happened in between?

I was a late developer. I had any idea of self expression through clothing knocked out of me by compulsory school uniform ( short black skirt, black stockings, white shirt, black and white tie á la Newcastle United FC just were not me. Looked OK on the girls, though), lack of money, jobs that required specific clothing, and lack of social life.

Then I moved away, got yet another job and things suddenly changed. I had an epiphany and thought stuff this for a lark, I've always felt dark, punk, emo, gothic, spikey. anti-.

Like the United Free minister who at the age of 70 demands a drink on the Sabbath, fires up the Indian and joins a Hell's Angel chapter

What I have discovered about myself, to my utter amazement, is that expression through style works. I'm still the same me in overalls in one job or scruffy clothes at another, or even doing me punk/emo/goth bit in yet another. Its at this third that I feel more alive, more me and I found it so odd at first. People even complimented me on how I fitted the image of an aging die hard punk (or were they really taking the ****? )

I've no idea how it works. It goes against all my previously held beliefs. And worst and most paradoxical of all I appear to be conforming to the evolution of society.