On Wearing An Open-Nipple Bra ...

My open-nipple bra experience involved me breastfeeding a much-older man who insisted I call him Daddy.  He was very married, but still was one of the most consistent and devoted sucklers I ever had. His high-powered career afforded him the freedom to nurse greedily from me daily during the week and usually at least once on the weekend when he was "golfing."  I  especially loved that he indulged my need to be dominated and humiliated.

One of our favorite games occurred when I was an extra good girl who provided her daddy lots and lots of my sweet milk. As my reward, he would treat me to dinner at a lovely French restaurant.  Daddy picked out my clothing--a high-waisted black skirt, ridiculously tall black patent stilettos, no panties, a an open-nipple bra and an emerald green satin blouse unbuttoned to reveal my 36DD cleavage topped off by a very chaste strand of pearls.  Daddy liked my makeup to be a bit on the heavy-handed and slutty slide when he took me out.  I was not allowed to pump all day nor did he nurse from me before our dinner dates.  By evening, my breasts would be hugely swollen with milk. I would whimper, "Please, Daddy, I need you to suck me hard so bad."  He would simply chuckle and watch as I carefully placed nursing pads in my bra over my thick nipples to prevent them from poking out and leaking. 

The restaurant was candlelit, popular and terribly expensive.  There was always lots of wine which he knew made my milk come in all the more.  By the time our meal was over, I would be a little drunk, in a lot of discomfort and terribly, terribly wet and excited. I knew what was coming.  Daddy would  lean back in his chair and regard me.  "Doesn't my little girl need to excuse herself?" I would wobble to the ladies' where I'd unbutton my silk blouse. I would  pull out the nursing pads and, one by one, carefully pull my stiffening nipples through the openings in my bra. I'd re-button my blouse and return to our table. As I was instructed,  I would then place my nursing pads next to Daddy's hand and sit back down across from him.  He'd check my pads for dampness, wink at me and place them in the pocket of his suit coat.  He'd pour me another glass of wine and whisper urgently, "Let down NOW, baby girl."  At his command, my milk would gush and large, dark wet spots would  quickly spread across the front of my beautiful blouse.  Daddy would be clearly pleased as I squirmed and blushed and blotted myself with a linen napkin.  He would then remind me that I was to act like a big girl and stand up nice and straight with my shoulders back because we had to be leaving now. He'd come around the table and slowly pull my chair out.  My daddy would tightly take me by the elbow and parade me through the crowded restaurant. The other diners watched and exchanged glances as my enormous leaking boobs bounced and the soaking emerald green silk clung to my jutting nipples. 
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Hot story

that is so exciting to imagine. the wet satin must have made u go crazy with desire

Something else that was :)

This story makes me so horny. Now I want to have it happen to me. Hmmm... If it ever does I will be one very fortunate guy.

What a hot, hot story. Thanks!!! Now I have a new fantasy.

That's terribly arousing...

wow, I can only imagine...is this real or fiction?

Pretty erotic as fiction - harder to believe as real, but would be even hotter, if someone was willing to completely soak her silk blouse in milk while sitting in an upscale restaurant!


I never drink milk but for you I make a big exception!

you sound like the perfect woman

Wow, extremely erotic story! While we've never done anything like that, my wife loves to tease and get me hot when we go out on "date nights" together. She'll sit across from me at a restaurant weaing a silk blouse and quarter-cup bra, and slowly empty strawfuls of water from her glass over the silk blouse over her breasts. As the ice water makes her nipples hard and the silk gets wetter and wetter and clings to them, it drives me absolutely crazy! We've also noticed a few men gawking from across the room as she does this too! As we get up to leave with the wet silk blouse molded to her nipples and visible to all, I can hardly control myself!

Wow, I would have loved to have seen your green silk blouse coverd in you milk.

This story made me crazy horny...and hungry<br />

What a sexy story! I love Daddy/daughter role play AND the nursing aspect - really very hot. Thanks for sharing.

those are some neat creative looking bras !!! =)

Wonderfully hot story

That story is so exciting. I would LOVE to be at the place of that daddy :)

enjoyed this story very much. You are a good erotic writer

That was a great story...Where are you from?

Honey you are the sexiest thing around. Enjoyed reading all about you.

Maybe I could be your "Mommy", wear my own open-nipple bra and see who can soak their satin blouse the fastest while sitting at the table? I've purposely let my 38Ls leak through my bra and blouse in public. As my milk continues to come in, maybe I'll dig into my bra drawer and get out my old Goddess 40H and see if some unsuspecting young lady like yourself expresses any interest while I'm out and about...mmmmmmm. Danielle

I would love to find you, Danille! I love being suckled by men, but the time I have spent with women has been so delicious!

I've responded on your "whiteboard" Manta. Hope to hear from you soon?

You sound so hot. I would love to suckle you leaking breasts.

What a wonderfully hot story! It looks like you did please him very much with your milk :)

Your my favorite type of woman......Mr. Happy salutes you....would love to find someone like you here in Northern CA....but then would like to find a good submissive woman who is willing to stick around through the hard times...

would he suck you in the car... I would find it hard to wait much longer


Come on my milky baby girl...my mouth is wide open....

Wow, that was hot. I'd love to help you out in the future. :D

Awesome story..... Would like to see that for myself ;)

I wanna do the same...wanna adopt you :-)

Would love to be your milky baby girl

my breasts are so dripping reading this, what restaurant, need to go!!

sounds sexy.

My, how you must have enjoyed your Daddy parading you around that restaurant after dinner.

That was very hot!

wow that story is one to get me hard - very hard. So hot, wish i could indulge.