For Us Rather Well-endowed Girls...

Hi! I'm one of those that will freely flaunt my assets given the apropriate venue. I'm 47-32-46 and 5'11 and am definitely "curvy" in every respect. I wear either Elomi 38J or Goddess 38L bras to support the girls.
I had two Goddess 40H bras in nude and black that I'ld bought before being properly fitted and had an idea. I put on the nude one and could readily see my very dark areolas against my white skin as the lace cups pulled tight against my nipples. I positioned my breasts and then, with a felt tip marker, traced around the edges of my areolas. I took the bra off and, with a pair of pinking sheers (sewing scissors with a sharklike serated blade), cut around the outline. My areola are rather wide (5") so I'ld removed a great deal of material...I thought. I put the bra back on, positioned my breasts while leaning over at the waist to shake them into the cups, and stood up. OMG!!!!!!!!
The underwire of the bra supported my heavy breasts as my nipples were forced to protrude obscenely through the cups. I then did some house work to see if my breasts would settle any thinking I might nee to make some further alterations. If anything, the undersized bra pushed my nipples even father out of the holes I'ld made! I altered the Black bra in short order as well. When hard, my nipples protrude a good 3/4" without a bra like this. With it on, this bra just does wonders!
Needless to say, my girlfriends and I had a VERY enjoyable Friday night.
Girls, I will caution you...Breasts as large as mine (and any over a D cup I would think) become lethal weapons in this kind of bra!!!!!! I've worn mine as apropriate to the venue or bring along a jacket for a cover-up should the need arise. While out and about, if you enjoy the attention, you will definitely get noticed. So be forewarned. a light knit top over my black open nipple bra never ceases to attract attention from both men and women (love when a woman/girl stares at my "puppys" with a lustfilled gaze).
l I've recently started to lactate again (self induced through pumping and self-sucking) so this may get very interesting indeed...a stin blouse or light top, black open nipple bra and dripping nipples being squeezed through the nipple holes...mmmmmmm.

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add me so i can see wow

O my god yes!!!!!!!!

The Elomi is a great bra. And they have added some new colors over the last two years. I enjoyed your story and would love to hear more.

You've got some awesome experiences; love it. Please add me as your friend.

That last sentence definatly creates an arousing image in my mind. Well done for getting your puppys miking again as well.

You'd have my attention in public... I'd be hard pressed to maintain eye contact!

What a great idea! I've wanted an open-tip bra, but just could not find one in the "generous sizes" Your experiment with the sharpie and pinking shears gives me ideas....My 38 H and lactating gals would be nicely displayed in an open tip....going to have to try this!

OMG that is soooo friggin hot & sexxy!! I LOVE, LOVE, large aureolas!! I can only imagine being one of your co-workers!

I agree. Open nipple bras are wonderful. Please add me as your friend I would love to see your pictures.

Wow, love the attitude, being willing to wear a satin blouse with an open nipple bra in public, knowing in advance that you'll leak and end up with clearly visible wet spots on the satin blouse - very erotic! My wife isn't lactating, but loves to wear blouses like that with open-nipple bras when we go to dinner, and then will sit across the table and tease me all through dinner by taking straws full of water and slowly emptying them over her breasts and cleavage, often leaving her blouse visibly wet before she's done. Wow, gets us both very hot!

Oh yessss it is very erotic. Most often I wear nursing pads. But when feeling particularly naughty, I will definitely take them out. Even wearing a regular bra my nipples are clearly visible...more so over the past months given I nurse them...OFTEN!

You have my imagination going with a quite vivid photo of you in that bra wearing a stretch t-shirt and spilling a drink on your now see through t-shirt.

Oh Sherry! Your such a me. My milk's in so I can get plenty of "spillage" if I don't empty my "girls" soon enough. I've come to using nursing pads while at work and self sucking every 2-3hrs now...Be Sweet...Danielle.

Why thank you Danielle. Sorry to hear that you have to use nursing pads at work. I would love to watch you suckle yourself, I wouldn't try to touch as I remember reading in your profile that you are a lesbian.

It's not a bad thing Sherry, just a matter of need just in case the "girls" decide to letdown (it's happened). And I do make exceptions as far as who can touch...soaking your thighs through your panty hose perhaps?
You're Sweet...Danielle.

You set my imagination racing! What an amazing thing to do!

Oh yes Lovey, it is soooo amazing...especially now that my milk is in...heehee.

wow...that was a beautiful picture you drew. How about a pic to go with it?

Tell me...what do you think you saw ndrew?

Thanks for that lovely visual in your last sentence!