Lingerie Shopping (pics)

I'm 6 mos pregnant and don't always feel sexy so I decided to get new lingerie. This made me feel real sexy...I love it when my **** hang out.

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i would so like to get my mouth on these - wow

Simply amazing! I hope your new baby ( and hubby!) appreciate them a much a we do.
Happy, genuine UK couple.

You're sexy alright hun!!! Love those nipples


Oh My My!

Awesome nipples! I love playing with big sensitive nipples. Can I lick my cream from them?

Beautiful - love the way your luscious breasts hang. Bet they sway deliciously as well, given the right incentive... ;)

Sexy as hell! ;)

Love these pics!


thank u !!!!!!!!!!!

Beautiful, Lovely and Amazing :)

OMG !! Gorgeous **** !! Stunning nipples !!! Would love to suckle them !

Let me suck - please

OMG I want to suck your ****

Omg- your **** are amazing.

I love when your **** hang out as well! ;-{)

lovely boobies... they need a good suck..

beautiful breast, amazing nipples, lovely woman

Amazing nipples

Very nice indeed !!

beautiful nipples babe

Wow! Just great! ...

To bad you are already taken, I would worship you

Oh baby! You exhibitionist! My **** is out and I'm stroking! Add me please.

beautiful photos


Sexy pics! Thanks for posting!

If feeling and looking Sexy ( yes, capital S ) was your goal, you have scored 100%. Beautiful. TY.

Just great! Thanks a lot, made me horny instantly ...

oh wow...they do look amazing ...soon they will be swollen with milk & look even more sexier

Your nipples look like they are getting darker and full of milk.

Your **** look absolutely f** king amazing! You've just made me hard as a rock

Awsome, I don't think the baby will go hungry


OMG 8)

Great looking at you. Thanks

Pregnant women are very sexy... including you...

ohhh my god...they are just so lovely to suck them all day...u have such lovely tities.

You have beautiful breasts and truly amazing nipples. Pregnant women are amazingly beautiful and sexy in every way.

dame you have some vary nice ****

Very nice

Very sexy love them

Damn, you're sexy!

Absolutely beautiful! I would love to watch your breasts bouncing and swaying over my chest as they hang down like that. Please add me!!

you make that look wonderful!! so sexy and how I would love to nurse those nipples for hours!

Very hot, thank you for sharing.

I like it too when your niplles hang out. Thye are stunning.

Wow that's definitely sexy!

You look great! And if you showed up at my place with that outfit, I'd probably pass out!

oh my, those are so awesome, i love those nipples!! please add me as ur friend. thanks

That is stunning!

Congrats on doing something just to make yourself feel better about YOU!

I love your **** out too.

Trust me, you didn't need the new lingerie to look sexy. You look absolutely incredible with or without it. What a privilege it would be to suck on your amazing nipples...

I love pregnant nipples that stick out that far!!! HOWL!!! Friends?

Pregnant ******* are the greatest! Full, tender, heavy, the dark aerola and nipples are so mouthwatering!

your nipples are sooo suckable and I love the darkness of them,LOVELY!


Gorgeous ****!

They look absolutely fantastic.

Thank you from all the straight guys on EP.

Wow beautiful. Makes my mouth water

Sexy mommy

OMG your breast and nipples are gorgeous I could suckle them all day!

That is going to be a very very lucky baby

i'd love to suck them when they're full of milk

omg i love your sexy nips hon

Lovely *******

Thats's nice! Thanks!

SUPER SEXY .... Would love tooo see those in person !

stunning nipples

Very nice.

lovely breasts!! (-;

Oh yes, there's nothing wrong with this look. I don't think you can "lose" your sexy.

wow yum dark pointy nipples, would love to suck em all u want

um, wow.

It is hard to be more sexy then when you are pregnant :)

How do you think you have possibly lost your sexy! Your breasts are stunning girl!

You're not the only one who likes it when your **** hang out. I love your delicious looking dark nipples!

sexy and beautiful! so glad you got your sexy back and shared with us!