This is really more of a question than a story, but hopefully someone reading it will have some good information and be able to help. My Lady is extremely sexy and has beautiful milk filled breasts that I am lucky enough to get nurse at several times a day. This is such a wonderful experience, but that is another story. I love it when we go out, she will wear something really sexy, some times a very thin blouse and no bra. We have been looking for an open nipple bra or a shelf bra for her. She is a 38DD / DDD and every shelf bra we have tried just has her breast spilling over it in a very unflattering way. The same is true of the open nipple bras we have found, the ones that fit her have such large openings for the nipples that half her breast pushes out the nipple hole and does not look good. She has such wonderful erect nipples that we would really like to find a bra that would support her breast and display her nipples. We have tried modifying bras but so far just have not been happy with the results. Does any company out there make flattering shelf and open nipple bras for women with larger breast?
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Yes they do i have about 5 shelf bras i love and wear often. Tell her to go online to lane bryant or i also get them from fredricks of hollywood online. I enjoy showing of my nipples they stand hard at a inch and I have 42DD **** so i total understand. Check it out hope yall enjoy.

sounds sexy ...milky breasts in open-tip bra...easy access at any time...yet giving then the support ..envy you..

I've not seen any that are truly flattering. Hopefully, you will eventually find one. I have found that the larger-cup bras tend to wind up looking anything but sexy, so I've been looking overseas for truly sexy large cup bras. Bravissimo in UK has some beautiful bras that go up to K in some designs.

you might have to buy the bra and be careful in cutting an opening that is just right!