Open Nipples

Well, I just purchased and wore my first open nipple bra....I soooooooooooo love the way it looks!  I love the wearing it with a silk nipple being forced through the cut -out cause them to be hard the whole time I wear it....the shirt tends to tent out showing off my nipples.  I dont think I will ever wear a regular bra again.  I also paired it with a tight fitting turtleneck, showing off my big breasts and having my nipples poke out looked wonderful!  Thank God for whoever invented these!

NYGirl73 NYGirl73
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I'd love to see that

You and your hard nipples and beautiful ******* are a blessing!

would love to see it

Ill bet it looks sooooooo sexy

Love to see a woman confident enough to wear a shelf or open cup bra. Small breasts or large are very sexy when presented like this...........M-m-m-m

thanks god for giving u the beautiful breasts.

You must work for an insurance company. Walking down the sidewalk during lunch will cause accidents and people will have to pay the higher premiums. It's a conspiracy. I knew it.

just love perky nipples... you go girl.. let em breath

I have small breasts, but i still LOVE open nipple bras...makes me wet just to wear it :):)

Years ago my wife cut out a bra so it would make her nipples protrude, she rarely wore a bra anyway but loved the feeling of her nipples straining as I touched them. At first it was only around the house, she kept experimenting with the cutout, we bought small bras so it would force her breast out. She had this thing about me being able to suck her breast into my mouth so her goal was to make her breast in a long tube like shape so I could take it all in my mouth, she suceeded. It was one of the many things she liked to add to our love making, every day when I got home I could expect some new twist to sex. She started making her own tops, back then the material was new but it clung to her body like a glove, I remember having to buy special needles to sew in on a sewing machine. When I touched her, that material felt warm just like her body and her nipples were perfectly replicated in the material. Her 36c **** were shown all over the small town we lived in. I had her make a pair of shorts out of them, she never wore those in our town but did at the beach, was awesome to see her in those with the material clinging to her body between her legs, revealed her clitoris and when she was wet it was a giveaway with those shorts. I preferred skirts or dresses because she rarely wore panties and I could touch her bare skin but she liked to wear shorts sometimes so one day she showed up at my work and took me around the corner and bent over, she had made the shorts with an open seam, the best part was it wasn't just at her ***** it opened from her *** to above her **** but closed normally so the shorts looked like any other shorts but if I wanted to finger her or tease her *** it was very easy.

NYgirl - Very sensual to think of you showing nipples in public. You picture suggests you're makeing a lot of men very, very happy (and lustful, I'd guess).<br />
Glad to hear there are women who love attention. I wish I could give you that attention in a more personal way than a note.

wow, that must feel AMAZING!

I love your spirit. Man, wish there were more women like you around. Clearly, the world would be a better place.

I've been wearing them since the last couple of years and they are the only ones i wear ( almost always) have lots of them in all colors.. and i totally know what you feel.!

OMG if I saw your beautiful nipples standing up through your shirt it would be nearly impossible not to suckle you right on the spot.

Nice! I would love to have pics! Email me at insp1_sla<x><br />

leche....why dont u post some pics then?

prove it! ;)

greath i want to suck your neble

NYGirl73....... where did you purchase this bra??? I have been looking for one for like ever!!! How much do they cost??<br />
<br />
Thx,<br />

Your erotic description makes my nipples hard and tight. Yummy!

busty its fun...and it feelllllsss soo nice Im horny the whole time I wear it, tight nipples show thru my clothes YUM!

I love your description. Sounds like fun!

Sounds sexy girl :-) I should try this myself