I Am Nervous About Meeting A Stranger From Experienceproject For Sex Because I Am Overweight

"I am nervous about meeting a stranger from experienceproject for sex because I am overweight"

I have met with one man, who was nice and good looking. I don't think he was ready for how overweight I am.  He did not want to hug me or kiss me or see me naked.  He did not touch me.  I asked him if I could give him oral sex and he let me.

But that was all.

I read some other groups about "Fat Admirers" and "I love BBW" and "SSBWW" and I thought there should be a group for overweight women and men that love us.

I hope men, that you are out there. and find this group.
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I think big beautiful women are very sexy.......if we got to know each other i would love to have sex with you: )

I love big women!

i love big women always have and always will

mmmm, would love to lick on your ***** and taste those juices before having wild sex with you!!

I like the fact that you arre not ashamed to be seen, naked. All of us tend to put on weight and get soft as we get older. My bulging tummy is a great source of embarassment to me and would love to hear a woman say, "it's OK, I want you anyway."

bigger women have more to play with and I love it and I would most definitely give you a big hug and a big kiss

I love all types of women but i must say that there is something about bbws that love to suck **** that is so damn hot.

i would still **** you silly lol