Is She My Love Or Just Scamming Me?

i met a young 30 year old woman on a interracial dating site,she is black,she prefers white older guys, i'am 64 years old , i prefer black or dark skinned women, i want to believe that we each have love for each other ,but my mind is warning me that something is wrong here.heres the story.From the beginning i have known something is not right, she lives 1200 miles away from me, her story is of one who is a manager in a resterant , a deli, she works 6 days a week, she had cable,internet and phone , one of her so called friends stole her access code and rang up a large bill so they cut off her service , she and i have been building a phone relationship day after day, she sweettalks me into calling "dish"and ordering service (internet ,cable and phone )in my name at her address,but she has to pay the bill.she asks this because she wants tv and internet and phone and the other bill isn't paid yet , so i do this , i keep checking ,but she has never paid them any money nor has she set up a day to install her service, ( i have left instructions that my information is not to be given out to her or anyone ,) if someone pretended to be me ,they might find a way to get my debit card #.i knew i was takeing a risk , i believed her and wanted this relationship to be real. she seems to be stringing me along with different stories , i have caught her in some things that do appear to be lies, i have not confronted her as of yet , don't want to alarm her just yet , she has checked me bu identifying that i watch what she does ,she made comment to me about that.what is the best way for me to handle this ?i know i;am just an old fool wanting love and i likely have fallen into a snare ,i'am on a fixed income ,and my checks go into the bank on the early part of the month, i'am considered "low income", so the only way that i can see her scamming me is one of 3 ways , 1,she finds a way to get my debit card number and runs up a enormous bill and takes what little money i have 2.she somehow uses the existence of the service at her address in my name for a basis to run another scam of some kind 3.she gets ahold of my debit card number , and waits to extract my monthly check when it comes in.
i have thought this over and over and i don't know she s not legit, and i do suspect shes is scamming me tho.she keeps coming up with reasons to get away from having to talk to me day by day ,but it still continues our connection
with each other, i don't know what shes up to if anything, but in the two months i have communicated with her ,she has now a week long serious earache, before that she was forced to deal with a landlords problem of sewage backup constantly day by day, the cable co situation i earler explained, and all the while we have taled about her and i being together .It just seems to perfectly set up to be real life , i think i'am being scammed , what shes up to i don't know , but i'am writing this hoping i can get some advice as to what to what to do at this stage of the game to protect myself.i am going to have my debit card number changed right away , reporting that i suspect a fraud of some sort is in progress, any other ideas?guess i have learned a lesson, but i wish she wasn't scamming me cause i really care for her.,anyway ,thats the situation,tigerspaw1
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Jan 17, 2013