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Love It

What else can I say? I love both giving and receiving it, but not at the same time - no 69, thanks - that's too distracting. When I watch ****, the oral part is always my favorite.
I have always realized that I was bisexual, but never been with a woman (yet - that's the matter of time now). I want to lick and suck her lips and probe my tongue inside her, and then finger her and play some toys... When I think about it, I guess I switch to the "male' mode. I want to take a woman and do the touching and penetrating while she is laying passively moaning... Wow!
If I sound like an experienced person, I'm not. Just a regular girl with vivid fantasies, and I am feeling very horny right now.
I hate passive males though. Man laying passively on his back waiting for me to "ride" him, yuk! Unless it is my hot manly man taking a break from these exhausting activities.
Lightly24 Lightly24 22-25, F 5 Responses Sep 15, 2010

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Most women I've met love to suck. It must be comforting, just like sucking boobs. I love giving oral pleasure to a woman too. The first time for me, the taste and fragrance of a hot woman was overpowering but I soon got to love it. It's best to experiment for a while before settling on a regular rhythm to bring her off. Some like a firm tongue to tease the hole. Some like the lips to be sucked a little. Some like the clti tip just to be brushed gently, others like to have their hood slurped on. Some like it wiggled horizontally. Many like to be licked up and down rhythmically along the whole slit from vagina to top of clti. A couple of older friends asked me to suck hard on it after they get close to climax.<br />
I just love it all.

Your fantasy about woman is like mine about a man. I fantasize about giving head to man. But I'd really like to pleasure a woman with my tongue and fingers and of course her toys will help. If there was only an easy way for our fantasies to come true.

It's usually my favorite too :]<br />
<br />
But I have to say, I'm one of those people who are a little uneasy giving... it just seems odd. But don't worry, I'll still do it. And as for 69, I agree! I couldn't focus on either that way, my mind would just go blank!

I have to agree; I don't particular like the 69 position. Part of the pleasure of oral sex is the giving pleasure. 69 doesn't allow you to focus strictly on the pleasure of your partner. The same is true with receiving. I love to give and receive; the receiving allows me to focus on my sensation and response. Yes, it all about me when I receive, but it's all about them when I give!!

69 can be really great if just focus on the giving and let the receiving take care of itself