I Got My First Taste Of *** Last Week...

I've been married to my husband for far too long and before him I was an awkward teenager with a lot of inexperienced sexual relationships under my belt.
Sure I have sucked a few ***** along the way, but I think I must have been pretty lousy at it. I was naive and I didn't really know what I was doing back then. I thought you just put the guy's **** in your mouth and move up and down. I never really appreciated a guy's hard on like it should be appreciated. I never took that time to admire and play with it. Ahhh, I missed out on so much.
Anyway, fast forward quite a few years and I'm still inexperienced in the oral sex department. My husband isn't into sex all that much. Occasionally he will throw me a bone (***** ) now and again. Last week after reading some tips on how to give an awesome blow job, I decided to take matters into my own hands. 
I've given him blow jobs before, but I never really excited him because I literally sucked at it like I said. After reading the tips, I got a little too hot and horny and I knew that I was going to have his **** in my mouth that night whether he liked it or not. 
He was sleeping with his back turned to me in bed and I reached over him and started rubbing his ****. After about 5 minutes he still make pretended to be asleep, but I don't think that he was because his growing hard on gave it away. I rolled him over on his back and started licking and gently biting the area at the waistband of his boxers. In one movement, I pulled down his boxers. By this time, his member was at full attention and it was right in my face and the urge to have it in my mouth was overwhelming. He was awake as well and he was encouraging me to play with his ****.
I took it in my hand and gently kissed the head of it, all around in a circle. I rubbed it on my cheeks and lips, just enjoying how hard and wonderful it was. I let my tongue explore from the base of his balls to the head of his ****, like licking an ice cream cone. 
At first my licking was slow and deliberate, but then I picked up pace. Eventually my tongue was going wild all over his ****. I don't think there was one spot that I missed. I paid close attention to the head of it, making sure that I swiveled my tongue around it before putting the whole thing in my mouth. 
Once in my mouth, I grabbed the base of it and wiggled it back and forth, rubbing it against my inside cheeks. Then I would pull his **** out of my mouth with this delightful popping sound and take it in my hand and smack it against my lips and face. 
He kept trying to push me away, and I knew that he was going to *** soon. But I kept backing off, allowing him to cool off for a few seconds before going in for more. I never made a guy *** through a blow job before and I was going to enjoy every single second of it. Eventually he was so over stimulated that all I had to do was put my lips on the head of it and he was squirming. I thought now is the time to go for it. 
I grabbed his **** in my hand and went into a huge licking frenzy and then I felt it. His **** was half in and half out of my mouth when he blew his hot load. It squirted all over my face, lips, and tongue. It was a little alarming at first because I didn't realize how much *** there would be and I was scared to swallow it. 
Instead I let it dribble out of my mouth and down my neck. I reached up and touched it and it was so hot and wet. It got me so aroused that I had to take my *** soaked fingers and lay back and rub them all over my *****. That was definitely one of the best sexual moments that I have ever had. 
I was just laying there with my man's *** all over my face and fingers, frantically rubbing my **** to ******. It only took a few seconds before I was squirming in ecstasy as well. 
I was still smiling afterward when I went and washed my face. I had to wash my hair as well because it was stuck to my face with his dried ***. It was so sexy and unbelievable. 
Now that I think that I am better at giving blow jobs, I want to do it all the time. I wish my husband would let me put his **** in my mouth every single night. Unfortunately I have to be patient and wait until he decides that I can play with it again. I am unsure whether I will try swallowing his *** or not in the future. I kind of love having it squirt all over me. Hmmmm...choices, choices! 

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damn, this got my motor running, I'd love to see you at work!

Love you to play with me

Wow! What a woman!

you are a wonderful wife who learned the fine art of a *******. my wife is awesome at sucking my **** and she also stimulates my *** while sucking my ****. you may try that at sometime or another.

lucky husband. any thoughts on having a stranger next?

Man is crazy he should have you every night

Where is the que?

What a waste of enthusiasm and willingness. You should be prized instead of ignored.

******* awesome story!

Damn I would love to try one of your blow jobs. Neither of my wives were into giving oral sex. My first wife loved me to go down on her. I could make her squirt everywhere. My second wife never seemed to get anything out of it. Debbie, on the other hand, both loved to give and receive. She made it very exciting and it felt really good, but she could only coax me to *** occasionally that way. Didn't stop her from playing though. :-)))

Personally, I think a woman swallowing the *** is over rated. It fires me up to have a woman let me *** in her face. I think there is nothing sexier than seeing a woman with *** dripping down her face and body.

Speaking of wearing a man's ***. I had another lover, Jane, who was in a sexless marriage. I was single, she married. Her husband ignored her, I didn't. We were sex partners for 5 years until I had to move for my job. She used to love to have me *** all over her body and then rubbed it in like lotion and drove home that way. Once she was taking a family trip the next day. We had gone to a concert together and then back to my place for sex. She left about 4am with my *** all over her. She got home and about 6am the family loaded up and headed on vacation. Her husband drove and both of her sons (over 21) went. She wore my *** in a crowed car all the way to the hotel. :-))

thanks for sharing!

im ready to *** after reading that again

Wow that would be so nice to wake up to in the middle of the night.

Incredibly sexy!! Any man would love to know someone like you. Just the way you describe what you is very sexy and exciting. You must be amazing. Great story.

Now I want one, damn.

Wow. Just wow. The Poor guys has no idea what he has....

wow, great to see a female who wants to improve her skills!! your hubby is a lucky man!

Do both.. My wife swallows every time, which I love. Once in awhile she won't be ready for a big load and it will spray a over her face..

Sounds kinky!

Wow!!! Great story. If you ever need someone to practice on, I'm here for you!!!

So has your hubby finally realized what he's been missing out on and enjoying your new found oral skills? If not your welcome to my **** anytime as long as I get to orally enjoy you as well. MMMMMMM :-)

Fantastic . I'm glad you got to be a lot better at sucking . Those tips surely helped by the sounds of it . As I was reading about your story , my mind was daydreaming ,I was the one being woken up to my wife's mouth and tongue wrapped around my man meat . I had a massive hard on and had to drain my own man juice .
Thanks for sharing your story and keep us posted on any new developments .

Gosh I wish my wife would do it for me ... *** is lovely

What!!? And you are a keeper!!

Great story. To bad he didn't appreciate it as much as most men would.
I dream of a woman with that much enthusiasm.

He will do anything for you when you swallow his load

No, he has proven that theory completely wrong.

Maybe that theory only works on me. If you suck my **** till I com in your mouth and swallow I'll buy you a nice car

Hahaha good one, except I could care less about material things.

What if I got you a nice vibe instead. Or cooked you a nice dinner

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kudus on being a loving, patient wife. i hope he learns to appreciate you...sexually and as a lady, good luck to both of you. g.c.

Damn it, you gave me a hard on! Would you show your kitty to me?

DAMN ! I would give u a cumbath anytime. My wife is a great ********** but doesnt like the taste of *** nor any on her body anywhere but her *** and ****. LOL (I am ok with that, She is a great **** even at 62 do it 2-3 times a week

I can understand your wife's not wanting any on her body.. it would be very sticky. I cannot relate to the taste decision as I have never tasted it, but have heard that diet makes a difference in the flavor very much. You might check it out and vary your foods and drinks accordingly.
Another thing your wife may wish to try is to take it directly into her throat. I have done this and find there is no tasting required.... and it is very pleasant and erotic for both parties.


I will let you practice on me anytime!