I Got My First Taste Of *** Last Week...

I've been married to my husband for far too long and before him I was an awkward teenager with a lot of inexperienced sexual relationships under my belt.
Sure I have sucked a few ***** along the way, but I think I must have been pretty lousy at it. I was naive and I didn't really know what I was doing back then. I thought you just put the guy's **** in your mouth and move up and down. I never really appreciated a guy's hard on like it should be appreciated. I never took that time to admire and play with it. Ahhh, I missed out on so much.
Anyway, fast forward quite a few years and I'm still inexperienced in the oral sex department. My husband isn't into sex all that much. Occasionally he will throw me a bone (***** ) now and again. Last week after reading some tips on how to give an awesome blow job, I decided to take matters into my own hands. 
I've given him blow jobs before, but I never really excited him because I literally sucked at it like I said. After reading the tips, I got a little too hot and horny and I knew that I was going to have his **** in my mouth that night whether he liked it or not. 
He was sleeping with his back turned to me in bed and I reached over him and started rubbing his ****. After about 5 minutes he still make pretended to be asleep, but I don't think that he was because his growing hard on gave it away. I rolled him over on his back and started licking and gently biting the area at the waistband of his boxers. In one movement, I pulled down his boxers. By this time, his member was at full attention and it was right in my face and the urge to have it in my mouth was overwhelming. He was awake as well and he was encouraging me to play with his ****.
I took it in my hand and gently kissed the head of it, all around in a circle. I rubbed it on my cheeks and lips, just enjoying how hard and wonderful it was. I let my tongue explore from the base of his balls to the head of his ****, like licking an ice cream cone. 
At first my licking was slow and deliberate, but then I picked up pace. Eventually my tongue was going wild all over his ****. I don't think there was one spot that I missed. I paid close attention to the head of it, making sure that I swiveled my tongue around it before putting the whole thing in my mouth. 
Once in my mouth, I grabbed the base of it and wiggled it back and forth, rubbing it against my inside cheeks. Then I would pull his **** out of my mouth with this delightful popping sound and take it in my hand and smack it against my lips and face. 
He kept trying to push me away, and I knew that he was going to *** soon. But I kept backing off, allowing him to cool off for a few seconds before going in for more. I never made a guy *** through a blow job before and I was going to enjoy every single second of it. Eventually he was so over stimulated that all I had to do was put my lips on the head of it and he was squirming. I thought now is the time to go for it. 
I grabbed his **** in my hand and went into a huge licking frenzy and then I felt it. His **** was half in and half out of my mouth when he blew his hot load. It squirted all over my face, lips, and tongue. It was a little alarming at first because I didn't realize how much *** there would be and I was scared to swallow it. 
Instead I let it dribble out of my mouth and down my neck. I reached up and touched it and it was so hot and wet. It got me so aroused that I had to take my *** soaked fingers and lay back and rub them all over my *****. That was definitely one of the best sexual moments that I have ever had. 
I was just laying there with my man's *** all over my face and fingers, frantically rubbing my **** to ******. It only took a few seconds before I was squirming in ecstasy as well. 
I was still smiling afterward when I went and washed my face. I had to wash my hair as well because it was stuck to my face with his dried ***. It was so sexy and unbelievable. 
Now that I think that I am better at giving blow jobs, I want to do it all the time. I wish my husband would let me put his **** in my mouth every single night. Unfortunately I have to be patient and wait until he decides that I can play with it again. I am unsure whether I will try swallowing his *** or not in the future. I kind of love having it squirt all over me. Hmmmm...choices, choices! 

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He's a DAMN fool as I'd never turn down head and reading your description of your new technic I'd be feeding you my **** several times a day. Hell if you ever need someone to practice on I'm sure I can suffer through it. LOL :-)

your a good woman

your husband is lucky! great story.

Wow, yeah, this story got me super hard without even needing to touch it. Your husband is a lucky guy, and unfortunately, he doesn't know it. Maybe he'll *** around ;-)

You should try fingering his *** while you blow him, he will luv it i promise

Wow you sound great. If he can't wait to have that happen again he is a fool. I hope he returns the favor for u. Giv and receive.

Omg I'd love to have someone doing this to me. I'd always be ready to play with you!!!


very hot story made my **** rock hard! I would let you suck mine all you wanted LOL

I love a girl who sucks and swallows?

This is soooo hot, you are quite the one to share. One thing you should know is that just like all women do not taste the same, all men taste different too.:)

@mwfnn,,>>>I say if it smells like cologne I leave it alone>

You need to find someone that apprieciates your new found talent ! Most men Luv BJ's & would welcome one any time of the day or night !

sexy please add me

Good story telling, the way you described the experience was very arousing. Too bad he is withholding his sexual urges from you.

Very hot story it got me hard if your huband don't want you to bj him I would that was hot

wow I would let you do that to me any time you wished

This an old post. Have you swallowed yet?

Unfortunately I haven't. My husband and I don't have a sex life anymore.

No lovers for you to do that for?

I wish. I've asked my husband if it would be possible for me to have a discreet boyfriend, but he shot that down.

if he isn't having sex with you, he should not have any say about you having sex with another man. he is cheating on you by not having sex with you regularly.

I am guessing he has never performed oral sex on you or has he?

have you asked him if he would like you to invite another woman and have a ********* with you?

Well I've received oral from him maybe 2-3 times over the last 15 years. It lasted about 30 seconds. I guess that doesn't count LOL
I would never invite another woman to bed to me. Sorry, but I definitely have no interest in that. The thought of it makes me throw up in my mouth a little.
Now if it was another man...I might consider it, depending on certain factors.

That is so sad !

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nice play by play

We were just talking last night about the girls who let me *** in their mouths (about the only thing my wife won't do with me). Awesome feeling - your husband is lucky!

Thanks, I wish he knew that LOL

From day one my wife always swallowed. The best ******* I ever had were in her mouth. She was really good at it and made me wait a long time before she let me ***.

Suck my **** anytime you want!!

Awsome experience as a man I love getting BJ , it s a great feeling and I am lucky to have a wife that love doing it and that's great at it too

You are very lucky!

Yes I am , look up my pic and you will see how s she doing her BJ .

Very hot...If he doesn't like them, I do!

Sorry, I'm reserved for a man who would love me. That unfortunately is not my husband...

perfectly understood!

Love you to do that to me. Beautiful story, thanks for sharing.

Thank you for reading and replying :)

Try holding the load in your mouth and share it. Creamy *** kisses are soooo!!!! nice.

I don't think that my husband would ever go for that.

The most important thing is you love sucking. Hope you post again after you swallow and fill us in on the details.

Great story!
Almost all men would Love to have a woman like you, doing that thing you do.
Your the kind of girl I dream about and I would surely return the favor.

That is sweet. Thank you!

What is wrong with your husband that he does not want to *** in your mouth I certainly would *** in your mouth xxx

great story thank you for sharing it with us. If I was your husband you couldn't keep my **** out of your mouth.

That is the type of husband that I need!

This is a joke right? Sorry your husband is a moron! There are men like me that can only wish for a wife like you. My wife never touches me and you show your husband this love and enthusiasm and he doesn't want you? Is he gay or something?
You sound like a dream woman and if your husband doesn't appreciate you then there are many men who wouldn't say no and they would love you every night. Me included!

@Lights...>>Amen brother ,I could not have expessed myself any better than that.She deserves far better & hope she gets it soon:-)

Awww thanks to both of you :)

GOOD girl