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Married Friend

   When I was single, my friends and I used to make frequent weekend trips to a couple of lake houses we owned.  There was always heavy drinking, water skiing and a lots of fun.  A girl named Laurie used to hang out with us.  She was a lot of fun and would drink as much or more than the guys.  None of us ever dated her.  She was like one of the guys.
    Laurie started dating a guy named Bryan.  She brought him with her once or twice, but he couldn't ski and did not fit in very well.  He was shorter than Laurie and not as good an athlete as Laurie.  Laurie privately told us she was not too crazy about Bryan, but he seemed to be crazy about her.  To our surprise, Laurie came to the lake one weekend and told us she was pregnant and was going to marry Bryan.  She was less than enthusiastic about marrying Bryan and was very open about the fact she wanted a baby, but did not really like Bryan.  She did not even invite us to her wedding telling us that she did not want to waste our time on something that probably wasn't going to last.  I had never heard a woman talk like this right before her wedding.
     Laurie got married and moved to another town with Bryan.  About a year and a half later, I saw Laurie and Bryan at the wedding of a friend.  I was glad to see Laurie and was anxious to catch up with her.  She looked good and very fit.  She was drinking very heavily at the reception.  I asked her about being married and she told me it was terrible.  She did not like Bryan and only married him to give her baby a name.  She said Bryan would do anything for her, but she could not make herself care about him.
     As I mentioned, she was drinking heavily and said that Bryan was not her top choice for a husband.  She called him a weenie and said that she sure wished that I had given her a shot in bed on one of those many weekends.  She even told me she would still like to give me a blow job.  I was shocked and interested.  At that point, I had never had sex with a married woman.  I asked her what Bryan would think about her sucking my **** thinking that it was just very drunken talk.  Laurie said that she did not care what he thought and that he would never criticize anything that she wanted to do.  She also said, "Besides he has figured out that I have a thing for you and he is completely intimidated by you."  I couldn't figure out what I had ever done to intimidate him, but this was sounding like fun.  I asked her if she was sure and she said find us a private place at this party and I will show you.
     We wandered around the house where the reception was taking place and found a restroom that was unoccupied and far from the crowd that was mostly outside the house.  We went in and within seconds Laurie was on her knees with my **** in her mouth.  She sucked my **** with great enthusiasm and soon I came in her mouth.  She did not want me to reciprocate, so we went back to the party.
     She grabbed my arm and said come with me and I will show you that I really don't care what Bryan thinks.  She led us over to bar where Bryan was standing.  Laurie reintroduced me to Bryan and gave Bryan a big kiss with a lot of tongue.  I realized she was putting on a sexy show for me.  She then whispered something to Bryan who had a pained look on his face.  Then she grabbed my arm and said that I needed to get her a drink.
     When we had walked away from Bryan I told her that the kiss was pretty cool and damned sexy.  Laurie said, " That was nothing.  I whispered to Bryan that the taste in my mouth when I kissed him was your ***."  She suggested that we stay where Bryan could see us unless I was ready for another blow job.  She obviously wanted to torture him(or maybe she knew he got off on her sucking my ****).   I was starting to get hard again and told her I would be ready in just a few minutes.  We stood where Bryan could see us until we left the room together to go back to the bathroom for another blow job.  That was the last time I saw Laurie and it was my only time to deal with a wife who dominated her husband.
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