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Need It More Than Want It

The desire I have to give my husband excellent oral has become an obsession for me. I have been trying to suck him until he ********** in my mouth but it hasn't happened yet and for that reason I believe im not doing it to his liking. Unless his tolerance or sex drive is super high.. he needs to allow me more practice time with him..
Kream19 Kream19 26-30, F 52 Responses Jul 25, 2012

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Let him know what you want to do. I know the first time my wife held me so we had to finish the oral sex completely without switching to regular sex it was a real turn on for me, and has been every time since. She's always the one that makes the decision whether she gets to suck me dry or not.

Practice does make perfect

all the time you want ;)

ok then come on , wrap your lips around my ****. you can practice as long as you want

that is hot to hear...would love to do that with you...

I would love you have you and those lips wrapped around my **** for as long as you want

You certainly have the lips for it. You could suck my **** anytime. Then *** back and do it again

Lucky lucky hubby, anyone would be crazy not to let you have all the practice you crave

your husband is sure a lucky man to have u as a partner one who thinks more about his satisfaction than her own ..i just hope u dont get dismayed for u are putting in more than him in the relation..

I wish you could practice on my ****

Lucky man!

he doesn't think so

Practice makes perfect

Yup Try to explain your desire to lick and suck on him till he comes in your mouth.. see what he thinks of the idea.. He just might go all out for you letting you do it. The following is just a suggestion from an old hand at sex between a man and a woman. Have you ever seen videos of that ? if so has he ever also ? if you have you might have seen the real nasty kinds and where a woman is a slave to that .. he expects her to and it looks like it is not a nice experience for her or some do like to do it on cam.. so just a thought.. You could learn some techniques from watching some vids online. I have antivirus/anti malware software to protect my pc.. Avast antivirus and MalwareBytes antimalware.. IObit malware fighter and rkill in my exe file and other anti virus stuff lots of stuff to dig out the bad guys if they get on my system.. most **** sites are safe some aren't.. My Firefox Video Downloader software for Youtube and most **** vids helps me with its menu of sites that it is friendly to and are not threats to my pc..

Perhaps you can practice with someone else. Add me

Perhaps your husband should
consult a urologist.

I love a good blow job as much as the next guy but for whatever reason I generally do not come from it. Sure once in awhile I will but usually I don't. So maybe I've been getting bad bj's for years?

Wow! That's hot! Your story made me hard!

you're such a good wife. try just licking up and down along the underside of his shaft and nibble it as though eating an ear of corn.

actually I'm single now... my husband left me for a 21 yr old prostitute

That´s sad. But you´re always welcum to visit me...

LOVE and RESPECT from The Netherlands.

Provably because she could suck a golf ball thru a garden hose....LOL

There's no such thing as a bad
b lowjob, unless you make it hurt. Just a hot wet warm mouth sucking my ****, will reward you with a load of hot ***.

since you dont require extra outstanding head service to keep you happy so I imagine you get sum head day and night

I get it when I want it, and love the feeling. I *** more with head than anything else.

that's a first for

hey miss.... i would love to talk to you.. would you?

As others have to him & ask what he likes....all men like different types of stimulation.....most would luv a woman that wanted to "practice".

Not really, I was always hard to get to *** that way. I was never much into my getting oral but I do enjoy it. I just love ***** to much and the mental knowing I'm in the ***** really turns me on.
Sometimes that is why oral is so good though. I get that ongoing stimulation with out the overwhelming urge to *** which can be so frustrating for men. We don't want to *** so fast, just can't help it sometimes.
Have him ********** for you. It needs to be probably harder and faster than you realize.
I have only met one woman who really is good at it, my massage therapist I have now but we have progressed to full sex now.

I agree with you Ray. BJ is good, but I don't come from it yet. Doing oral on her instead seems more fun to me. Making her come is super awesome! Making her want it so bad. Making her squirm and moan.

Use your tongue on the back of the head, It's super sensitive and he'll reward you with a nice big load and have a fantastic ******. He'll be so happy with you he'll want it again and again and very often.

sounds like he has issues with it.

Thanks for sharing with us .Talk to him. Tell him you want him to *** in your mouth. He may actually be holding back thinking that if he **** in your mouth he may not be able to *** the second time right away for you or that you would be upset if he **** in your mouth. Talk and discuss your wants and needs. Sex is always better when you both understand what turns on and satisfies each other. don't worry too much about doing it right or wrong. If you have him in your mouth and you love pleasing your man with your mouth you are farther along than a lot of women. Enjoy the learning curve……. Please keep us updated as the adventure continues.

The more you practice the better you will beCUM!

First...Talk to him!
Does he consider oral sex foreplay only? He may think *********** in your vagina more pleasureable, however, if he unserstands your desire to please him orally or even that you really enjoy oral and want him to ********* for your pleasure, he may very well go along.

Bottom line....Communication usually solves most all problems between people.

Talk to him. :)

damn!.....try me? hehehe


what a lucky guy.. I wish i had that

I wish he knew how much I love to suck his ****

Tell Him!

god i love Oral. finding a female who can do it right is epic lol

hopefully im epic!!! lol

your husband doesnt think so? any head is good head!

im not married yet.. this is what I desire to do with my future husband

k. doesnt ur man this ur epic?

im single.. haven't performed oral sex in 8 months

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Some guys just have a hard time ******* from oral. It sure is fun to try!

would love the chance to try again

Yes. Try, try try again.
Tried to add you but couldn't.

well before I can try again... I first have to have someone

You can practice on me.

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guess you were doing it the wrong way, you need to practice more.

with who?

its your choice, but prefer that he should have good experience

I dont know where he is.. and i havent tried to call him, he doesnt answer my calls or respond to my text messages so maybe he is simply not interested in me anymore

It took me a long time to be to ********* into someones mouth , if you had ask me before what was the problem I might have said its her technique but the truth was it was me . I had to learn to relax .

I like you kream19 for your comments because you are the type of woman I need, someone who is very hairy and I like the fact that you like giving head.

I wish I had a woman like you who would blow me off real good

I thought you weren't married???...

u can pactice on me if u like...see my pics and let me know

God, what I would give for my wife to maybe not be obsessed with it, but at least enjoy it a little. Of course at this point, I would love for her to just touch it once in a while, even if by accident. lol

poor guy, why your wife dont give you great oral?

My wife doesn't give me anything. Been like that for the past 9 years. But even before that, she was never that into giving head even though I love going down on her.

oh i see now

my tolerance is sky high and my wife can suck all she wants and nuthin. maybe you gotta **** him til he's just about to blow and go down and get it.

Great Advice.. I can give this a try oneday

i would love for you to practice on me

He needs to get into it. Its pretty common actually! Its the same as when a woman lays there with her legs spread like a dead log. Enjoyment is a two way street.

He is never going to blow his load if hes just sitting there twiddling his thumbs. Trust me I know from experience. My ex wife thought as you do until I started forcing her head down harder until I could feel it going into her throat. That was exciting for me and I got great enjoyment out of it.

Too bad she.couldn't figure out the dead log thing, one of the reasons we are divorced.

I would be so happy if he pressed my head down on his **** and made me take every inch of him down my throat!! I'd be in heaven!! ***** dripping wett!!

Then tell him. He needs to take an active role.

He's already long gone... some ogther young woman is problem giving him the best oral he has ever had in his life...

I doubt it. Sounds to me likes going to have that problem for the rest of his life and every women hes with is going to think its her fault.

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I wish my wife had that obsession :)

It didn't become an obsession for me until I really fell completely in Love!!! :)

You are incredible :)

Thank you Sir

practice with some friends.....try it, you'll like it.......

i dont have any friends

I'm sure you do have some that would love for you to suck them till they finish in your mouth.

Wish my wife would follow that train of thought!

I have enjoyed reading your posts. Please add me so I may see when you post more. Thank you!

Something to be aware of: some men *** only when taking a dominant stance, that is ******* your mouth instead of being passive and sucked off.

Thank you.. this must be what he wants instead

Could be. Think of the fun you'll have finding out.
Watch his face closely when you ask him to **** your mouth.
Enjoy. ;-)

for the longest time I couldn't get my hubby to *** in my mouth. BUT, he said he's never been able to *** from receiving oral - until me. I finally did it. I twisted my hands around the ba<x>se and ****** his **** with his mouth. forget deep throating go short and fast and hopefully, for you, his cream isn't bitter.

me and my wife are an older couple. When my wife is tired and wants to end our oral play she will up the pace or lay on her back and ask me to finish by mouth ******* her. Most guys love to give their mates a nice load, however some guys do not. There is a possibility that your mate is gay. Maybe you are putting too much pressure on yourself. How does he normally ***? If it is by vaginal intercourse see if he will pull out and *** in your mouth.

This is a pretty easy fix. Trust me, he wants to *** in your mouth just as much as you want him to, probably even more so. A mouth just feel so different than ************ or sex so sometimes its hard to get used to it. <br />
<br />
Tell him you want to make him *** in your mouth and you will not rest until he does. Then tell him you are going to make a schedule. Spend at least 10 minutes sucking his **** (preferable 20 minutes) at a time, and try to do it at least twice a day. Once in the morning and once at night. Don't have sex with him and make him swear not to jerk off.<br />
<br />
Eventually he will *** in your mouth. Trust me. As long as hes not ******* off secretly or something, It WILL happen eventually. His **** just needs to get used to your mouth. Eventually his **** will get so used to ******* in your mouth that you will be able to do it to him every time you go down on him.<br />
<br />
You guys just need to practice more.

Thank you for this great advice.. Im putting it to use as soon as possible!

Please give us updates and let us know when you finally get him to ***!

Still hasn't happened yet.. its been so many months that he is getting it elsewhere..

I wish there were more women committed to good oral.

I want him to yearn for my warm mouth, long throat and luscious lips to be wrapped around my hubbys beautiful big thick hard **** EVERYDAY!!!!

Wow! Will you marry me?

WOW! You have me yearning right now!! Very nice!