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Oral Sex Rules

I love oral sex, giving and receiving, foreplay and oral sex are a must before the bodies get together for the pounding. I like to start off in the shower, soaping and bathing each other giving little pleasures building up the desires. Then from there to the living room, bedroom or where ever it takes place and I love to get it started I love the taste of a fresh clean juicy *****. I like to start at the bottom of the opening and slowly glide my tongue up one side to the hood of the **** stop to circle it till your body quivers and pulses in exotic bliss. Then back down the other side. Then up the middle tongue deep in the soft pink abyss. After a few moments of that back to the **** to make is nearly raw, then I make my way up to the breasts slowly sliding my **** to your now swollen mound. I lay my now hard member between the folds and place the tip on you **** using my pre-*** as lube and gently massage against you moving in rhythm with your pace, all the while nurturing your nipples and moving from there to your neck kissing and nibbling gently, then to your ears making you quiver in goose bumps and squirming with desire, then I move to your lips for a long slow passionate kiss stealing your every breath and consuming your every moan and pant, till you squeal with agony, and beg me to enter your forbidden tunnel. With a sly look of wanting to torture you more I raise up slightly and down placing swollen mushroom top at the entrance of the forbidden, I push in slightly and gently back and for, torturing you, causing you to thrust at my man hood, I push in a little further, and further over and over again, till we are as one our rhythms are as one deep inside now I move in ways never thought possible. soon you climb to you first mild ****** causing your juices to flow, I pick up the rhythm, pacing you for hard deeper pleasure, your lashing nearly out of control now climbing to your next ******, this one more extreme than the last, this continues for what seems like hours till you scream that you are going to explode as you do I remove myself quickly to me your rush of fluids with my mouth, cupping your fountain of pleasures I gulp down every last drop, and then gently massaging you to the end of your final ******. I then flip to my back and beg for you mouth of pleasure to start the process all over again.

To be continued
ninjastreaker ninjastreaker 36-40, M Feb 2, 2013

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