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Blow Job

As I lower myself to my knees , and unzip you pants , I slide your semi hard **** out of your pants , looking up at you , I feel your **** growing harder and longer , I slide myself a bit forward , open my mouth , and lick the tip of your now harder **** , I open my mouth wide and let your **** slide deeper inside my wet mouth , as I push down with my tongue under your **** , grabbing you *** cheeks and pushing you deeper into my throat . I look up , with my eyes I tell you that I love it , as your **** gets harder and fills up my whole mouth , I almost gag , when I let is slide down , now the tip of your **** on my lips , as I take you deeper again , holding your tight *** cheeks, so I can push even deeper than the first time, Now this fully erect hard **** fills up my mouth , I push forward and back , harder and harder as I slide one of my hands down your *** cheek , past your knee, down onto my thigh, my legs spread wider as I slide two fingers over my wet ***** lips , I look up and push harder again , now your manhood your hard **** is in my wet mouth , I slide back just so the tip of your hard **** in on my wet lips again, I look up and whisper , I beg you please **** my mouth as hard as you can , I need it , I want it , please Sir, please , As I slip in a third finger into my wetness, I can feel you grabbing my head and thrusting your hips hard , your hard **** now bottoms out on the back of your throat , I gag a bit , but you don’t ease up , you hold me there, leaning over you whisper In my ear , take it **** , take it you **** ***** , you know you begged me for it now take it , I relax a bit , take a deep breath trough my nose , look up deep into your eyes and now you know that I am yours , I take my right hand and pull you into me throat deeper , as my three fingers slide in and out of my wet *****, Now I feel you hands ease , the pressure is not on my head anymore , as I feel you grab my breast and pinch one of the nipples hard , I almost jump up , as you pinch the other nipple his one harder than the other , I keep sucking your fat hard **** , in and out of my we mouth , looking up at you , with my eyes I am begging you to **** me hard , I don’t know if you know what I am thinking but you smile and as you let go of my nipples letting my huge breasts drop . I feel your hands over my ears again as you grab a fist full of hair and pull it forcing my whole head into your fat **** again , now my mouth is full , your **** has never been that far down my throat , a couple of tears fall down my cheek as you let up a bit , I slide my hands up under my breasts pushing them higher , as your **** is on the tip of my lips again , I let it slide out of my wet mouth , and drop it in between my huge breasts , I push them together like a vise squeezing your **** between them I look up and with the motion of my back and knees I tity **** your hard **** . looking up into your eyes now that my mouth is not full I say it , **** me hard sir I beg you take that fat long hard **** and **** me I will do anything for you if you just please **** me .
erotic777 erotic777 36-40, F 3 Responses Feb 5, 2013

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Holy hot as ****!! Damn I'm hard now!

wow that was amazing you actually had me making the motion that I was banging your mouth and ****...then I realized it was just a story and not happening to me in real life... :)

OMG I found my hips bucking forward imagining my **** pushing between your lips...

thank you, make sure you spank me first ,

Yes I will spank you, till your cheeks are nice and red hot from my hands, then let me slip my hand between those cheeks and..

don't forget to call me your ***** , and make me beg you so you would let me suck your fat , hard , ****