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Today was nice sunny warm and just right for lunch on the patio. Pinky came over and we made some sandwiches and took them out on the patio where the sun was shining and a warm breeze was blowing. We live the nude lifestyle and enjoys the perks of nature like sun n breeze in our natural attire . . .none at all, it is a most pleasant way to enjoy the company of others. Legs spread to catch the tickles of the wind, and the eyes of friends!

What to have for desssert came up, and I was inspired to offer the suggestion of a ***** cherry cream pie! . . . . Oh, I guess I should explain what that is. Well you get some cherries and a can of whipped cream. . . . Can you guess where this is going?

Well one girl lies back on the massage table there on the patio, and three cherries are inserted into her *****, (well this time it was me first). So I spread my legs really wide and the whipped cream goes on in a big mound right over my open lips and up over my erect ****. I'm feeling oh so tingly already just getting the dessert put in the "dish".

Next comes the fun part . . .for both the eater, and the "dish" girl (especially the dish girl) mmmmmm. Pinky got down and started to lick, gobble, slurp and it felt sooooo gooood!!!

Once the whipped cream was all gone she licked my **** in long tongue strokes, and swirling movements that sent my happy chemicals a swirling in my head. ! had a powerful ****** that made me buck up off the table in the spasms. One of the cherries popped out, so Pinky only got to probe around with her tongue for the other two.

Oh this is such a delightful way to eat dessert! I had my turn at licking up the cream from her dish next, and I hope you'll find a partner to have lunch with soon!
nudigirl nudigirl 22-25, F 8 Responses Feb 6, 2013

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just another part of a playful natural naked lifestyle...;)<br />
<br />
but girl, i must say you do it all with such endearing enthusiasm...

I would lick the cherry out and make sure I would put it back with my tongue. Only to suck it out again. Wow

Suddenly I am hungry for cherries and cream.

And to think I was gonna give up dessert for lent. I may need to rethink that one.

What a way to have dessert is wright, wish I could try that right now :)


I have done this once with a former lover, both giving and receiving. It was wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

so as it goes for popping your cherry? did you pop all three?

Nudi, you really must invite me to your next backyard get together!!!

Ohhhhh Sara you know you're always welcome!!!