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The Real One Is Different From What We Are Used To Watching In **** Movies .

You watch any **** movie with celebs or otherwise, blow jobs are the startups for the next phase the hard on ******* I n g jobs, that tends to draw a mechanical motion.
Real time blow job is different – it starts and ends with the c u m flying on to the mouth or face and ends up with a swap of c u m between partners – the taste buds accumulate the pleasure and the satisfied partners feel glorified with the time shared.
Caressing **** or ***** is the tender beginning after you make yourselves seminude - Touch of the organs around when the thin fabric covering is stimulating, especially to a woman. She does that occasionally and when partner attempts the same, she feel good.
Caress the organs need to be accompanied with touch of boobs and sucking and licking of the balls and boobs. The combination derives additional stimulation and is very passionate. You are actually mid way between the pleasure gaining process.
I have been caressed and sucked by a number of them, but this one was different – she holds the rod up, plays on the skin and makes lip contact and followed by mouth, and tongue insertion around the mushroom size tip. I cannot but wriggle when she touch my lower contour of the skin underneath the mushroom lower side with her tip of the tongue and bashes with tender beats around there. Ignites me to hold her hair down and press her mouth around my ****.
As stimulation goes on me, what I love to do is to make her sleep on the sofa and get around between her thighs spread enough for me to cover her p u ss y. then comes the charm, as I can feel her twist and turn with ecstasy and loud sounds from her buttock deep throat - All the way from down underneath where I lick to the throat and ask for more.
What she loves me for is that I circle my tongue around all her puss y periphery and insert the whole tongue into her vagina and slowly move on to her cl it and play for a long time abcd circling and suck her juices that are hot and tasty.
When she gets her o rga sm, she is different, a bit wild at times and shouts loudly till she releases all her energies through the vibrations of her vulva that I recognize as spasms of movements around my mouth. She is satisfied as I can feel from her body language.
She takes over my nearly soft co ck and plays with it for some time get ready for a swallow and makes me pump all c u m on her face, mouth and she exchanges my cu m into my mouth – we do not loose any drop, but takes it as the ultimate in oral ****.
pamar pamar 56-60, M Feb 7, 2013

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