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My First Sex Was Oral.I Loved It.

I was young,maybe thirteen. I was making out with Nancy. I think she was a year older. She had red hair,like real red.I reached in her jeans. i had never felt a ***** before,I couldn't believe how wet she was. I think it was that slippery wetness. I had never felt myself so hard.We ******** out of our jeans,without even think about it I was going down on that sweet mound.. I love her taste,her wetness. I loved oral right from the beginning!It was very natural, it was totally
right to me. I can't remember *******. But Nancy like it! I know I love it! Years
later one of my wives told me that I went down on her like I knew what a *****
felt like. Next life I want to be a lesbian *****!!!
An Ep User An EP User Feb 7, 2013

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