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He Sure Does

I believe my husband is developing what is called a fetish for it. A few weeks ago we had finished a very passionate session of sex. He asked if I wanted anything else. I had not orgasmed yet so I asked him to suck me.

Hesitantly he got between my legs. He started off tentatively. Then as I got hotter and wetter, he began diving deeper and deeper. Before long I could not stop him, he made me ****** three times. It was very intense.

Since, every time I ask him for it he will not do it until he has finished inside me. On night he came home from work and without a word, took me upstairs and quickly finished so he could suck and lick me.

It has been a new and exciting experience.
Boredmormonwife Boredmormonwife 22-25, F 9 Responses Feb 8, 2013

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69 will become a favorite number! I find her on top seems to help all the parts fit easier.

and hopefully by now, he satifies himself then works his magical mouth on your **** and you recipricate by sucking his **** hard again and swallowing his seed....

There is nothing quite like cleaning up down there after finishing inside her, then moving up the body and kissing.

I think you have found a new enjoyment. Get all the licking you can and experiment from there. Toys and tongue make for great O's.

Oh yes they do...

Women should get all the licking they need. Only like 10% of women can ****** by intercourse. It is much better to lick ****, rub g spot and massage **** all at the same time. It is a practiced art.

He likes creampies! Imagine a day he he comes home from work and you don't let him **** you until he has eaten the ******** some one else has left, he will love it (even if he hasn't admitted it yet).

Wow, that's a hot one... here I thought it was just a story about you getting oral. Had to re-read it to get between the lines!

Mmm these nothing better than making you partner *** by licking her ***** as you have found out.

I love hearing about your new experiences. More. More.

Eating your wife or girlfriend after you have filled her with your *** and it is mixed with her juices is incredible!