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The First Time


Oral sex had always been a fantasy for me, I was late to the party in terms of recieving.

Perhaps I had been unlucky with my choices but all my previous G/Fs had not been interested in performing oral, a little harsh I feel as they were more than happy to recieve!! I went down on the first g/f I ever had and loved it, I have continued to love it ever since.

However no one had ever done so to me. Then one night I was in my early 20s I was with a girl we had picked each other up in a bar and she had come back to mine. We were kissing and touching and removing each others clothes when without any warning she pulled down my shorts and popped it in her mouth. OMG!! It was everything I had ever hoped for and more, I almost came straight away! She was also the first girl that showed me the pleasure of a *** ****. Alas it was just a one night stand, but what a night!!

Since then I have been much luckier in my partners, and they have all enjoyed oral as much as I do.
candle2 candle2 46-50, M Feb 9, 2013

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