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Our First Time

The first time I met Jen I immediately wanted to get her in bed. And from what I could tell, the feeling was mutual. We started dating but there was a slight hitch in the plan. She had a son and a shortage of babysitters. Our first few dates involved the three of us but I didn't mind. Still I knew there would be no "sleepovers" and the dates usually ended when it was time for him to go to bed. But the good night kisses gave me hope. They were more than a quick peck- and "thanks" then "good night." And she always held her body firm against me.

The relationship was building at a steady pace. While I desperately wanted to get her naked, I held back. I didn't want her to think that was the only thing I was after. I got the sense she was holding back too... not wanting to some how expose her son to the sexual part of her life. One Friday we were supposed to go out but Jen called saying she was at the end of a horrible day. She wanted to know if we could just chill at her place.

I arrived to be greeted by a barefoot beauty in blue jeans and an old button up shirt. Her little ponytail made her look cute and sexy. And for the first time her son wasn't there. She took him to her parents saying she needed some time for herself. I kicked off my shoes and we made a quick dinner and enjoyed some wine.

We opened another bottle and sat on her couch. As we talked we moved closer to each other. Soon we forgot about the wine and began making out. Our kisses grew more passionate. Soon I was nibbling on her ear and moved down to her neck. She offered no resistance. But her collar was blocking my progress so I unbuttoned the top two buttons of her shirt. Again no resistance. I moved back up to her lips and she climbed on to my lap.

Jen wrapped her arms around my neck as we continued to kiss. Then she stretched her arms out grabbing hold of the back of the couch and sat up. This position put her breasts right in my face. She had a sexy grin on her face and I didn't think twice. I unbuttoned her shirt the rest of the way. As she slid it off I ran my hands up her back and unfastened her bra which Jen quickly disgarded. I pulled her close and began sucking and licking her breasts. First the right one, then the left. Again I pulled her lips to mine as I worked on the button on her jeans.

Once unbuttoned and unzipped, Jen stood up and let them fall to the floor. As she stepped out of them, I reached out and slid her panties off her hips. I was struck by her beauty as she stood there completely naked. I got up and she started to undress me but I told her to wait.

I took her by the hand and lead her to the kitchen table. I gave her a deep passionate kiss as I pushed her on to it. I continued kissing her- working my way down to her breasts... then her belly... and finally to her finely trimmed bush. I pulled up a chair and went to work. I gently stroked and kissed the inside of her thighs slowly working my way to her *****. Jen was nice and wet. Her scent was overpowering. I kissed, sucked and nibbled. I let my tongue slide down her hot wet hole, darting in and out of her.

I must have been doing something right. Not only could I hear her squeals of delight, she was squirming all over the table. I had to pull her back a couple of times. I couldn't chase her across the table and I didn't want her rolling off. She spread her legs even wider to give me full access. She would caress her breasts and run her fingers through my hair. I was taking my time. I could hear her gasping and now moaning with pleasure. Jen now tightened her thighs around my head. I could tell she was about to *** and in a rush of wet wicked pleasure she did. She lay there savoring the moment while I savored her taste and scent. My face was coated. Jen sat up and we kissed long and hard. She slid off the table and helped me out of my clothes. "Your turn" she said as she lead me back to the living room.

I was already hard when she knelt on the carpet and took me into her mouth. It was like velvet. She licked and sucked my balls. I was truly rock hard now. She got me on the floor and on my back. Then Jen really went to work.

First she focussed on my balls. It felt marvelous. Then she slid her tongue along the ridge of my shaft. I felt it all and got even harder. My **** was as tight as strings on a violin. And Jen played me with her lips, tongue and throat. One minute she would be teasing my shaft with her tongue. The next she wrapped her lips round the tip of my **** flicking it with her tongue. Then in an instant my **** would be half way down her throat. It was amazing. I was on the verge of ******* several times but Jen knew when to back off. I didn't want this to end.

But a guy can only take so much and I finally reached my breaking point. The ****** hit me hard. I actually shook. I emptied my **** into Jen's mouth. She seemed to enjoy it as much as I did. We lay there in each other's arms. That's when Jen said her bed was way more comfortable. As we climbed the stairs to her room, she told me her son wouldn't be coming home. What a night!
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This is love.

Great story, sounds like it was an unforgettable night.

You have no idea.