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I am craving a long and thick hard **** to ease it's way into my throat.I want it in there.Push if you have to but make it go in.Once you've got it fitting properly you can explore.Slipping the head past my restless tongue and down.Opening up my throat.All the while holding my head at the perfect angle.Slow thrusts then a hard push.Slow thrusts then a hard push.My throat offers no resistance.Your hard **** pushes my tongue down as you lever your way as deep as you can into my throat.I can feel that you're about to unload a mouthful of your ***.I hold still as you skull **** me.I sit rigid as you grip my head.As you lean back holding my head for support forcing me to take all of you you ***.We stay locked in that position until I can't hold out any longer.We separate and my wife claps.
deleted deleted 26-30 Feb 10, 2013

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