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To Give Is Better Than to Receive

Howdy folks,

Ok.  I may be the only guy out there that feels this way but I'm bettin' I'm not.  While been on the receiving end is good on occasion I much prefer to be the giver than the receiver.  Maybe I just haven't found a lady (including my wife) that really know how to perform felacio the way it should be. 

There are very few things that turn me on more than going down on a well groomed vagina.  Espeically if the woman truly takes care of herself, the aroma can be to die for.  I love the wonderful taste in my mouth and the feeling against my tongue.  I getting extremely aroused after she's orgasmed and I get the luxery of cleaning up the mess.  It's truly one of my most favorite experiences.

ck75253 ck75253 36-40, M 17 Responses Aug 24, 2007

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What is all the stars for instead of the real words. Are we in junior high and listening to our parents talk?

If you really want to please your partner go down on her after she's had an ****** through intercourse. She'll be very sensitive so be gentle with her.

Gr8 post. she's very lucky!

I agree ***** is great but I will give you a ******* which will make you come back for many more

yup,, the unselfish giving is truly an act of love !!

I like giving and receiving equaly the same. Depending on the girl I might go down on her more than she might go down on me. I have had the best head from one girl and I always loved going down on her.

the best head I ever had was from another guy

for me it is important to satisfy my wife. i would much rather see her *** good and hard while i pleasure the fun of giving her what she wants. still looking for the ultimate climax, that is one that is so hard she passes out or goes into a little world of her own after good oral sex

Chevey,,,,,, I wish I was in your shoes...MMMMMMMMMMMM,,, I love to give and receive...MMMM

knowing you can please her in a different way and loving to do it is the best sensation the whole experience is a rush when going down on a girl unfortunately iv only run into girls who have never had it done to them or have never had a good experience with it being done to them but iv never had any complaints :)

I truly can't think of any thing more satisfiyng than giving a woman oral, when she really wants it and need it. Short story i had a girl friend who love recieving it so much that she would come by with no panties on and allow me to take care of her orally until i was ready to stop. this would last off and on the entire day when she was in need.

I LOVE to go down on a woman, the feeling of making her moan and *** is unreal.

I guess we all need to meet goldenstar.

i feel sorry that u havent had really great oral performed on u. my husband loves my mouth around his ****, he says deep throating is one of his favourite things.

yes I love eating wife when she **** or after I *** in her

i cant agree more. if a girl takes the time to make sure she's well grommed and cleansed there is nothing better than **** diving. i probably do prefer to give than recieve 'cause i usually dont last to long if i have to just sit there lol

Oh my head is the best thrill a man can ever all else....heaven!

i know how true that is, and i know that giving a good ******* gets me to the front of the line every time!

Hey Alexandra,<br />
<br />
Thank you very much. It's just something that I've always enjoyed and while I would never turn down an offer to receive, I always return the favor when allowed.