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The Scent and Taste of a Woman...

Its amazing... No sooner than the hint of your own scent hits my senses, the primordial animal within comes alive... It might sound dramatic, but I believe every man in here would agree... The scent and taste of your essence makes us ******* horny and crazy as hell.

I had a girl once who NO KIDDING tasted like strawberries and cream... some 3 or 4 hours removed from a shower... It was wonderful, BUT... it lacked because it didn't smell or taste like her sex should have tasted...

Best though was this one girl... sucking me off (and I love getting head as well), when I reached down and pulled at her hips to sit on my face. As she kept sucking my **** and stroking my balls, she started grinding her ***** and **** against my lips and tongue while I licked and nibbled and sucked... She started stroking my **** and massaging my perineum while she sucked me and before I knew it, I was about to ***... I told her, and she simply took me all in and waited... I came in her mouth, and when I did, she came in mine... It was fan-*******-tastic.

Left a stain in my brain...



Cunninglinguist Cunninglinguist 36-40, M 5 Responses Sep 22, 2007

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I couldn't agree more with you nineinches, it's the women musk that drives me crazy like hell...

I love the taste of my woman. Her musk, the light sweat in her thighs. The taste of her vulva and then her clitorus on my tongue, it drives me to suck her until she begs me to stop. But, the crux of it... She won't reciprocate the pleasure.

damn! Lucky you! I live to suck and lick ***** as i bury my head into her and go to town on her for two hours straight only ******* up for air! Did that twice as she came again and again. No complaints and did it twice like that. Try that!

I like the aroma of women. if I am not horny (which is hardly ever) as soon as I smell that wonderful ***** smell I get hard. But my mouth waters too.. It is like I just have to taste her. Flick the **** you know.. Make her squirm... then as my **** grows she will take it in and the fun has just begun....

I prefer the smell and taste and smell of a woman's ***** and *** BEFORE she takes a shower.<br />
<br />
Even smellin inside her shoes gives me an instant hardon