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Mouth Magic

There are 4 main components that combine to create great oral sex. Like dancing, sometimes you put all the steps together in one move and other times you slow down the pace, but more than likely you are constantly varying your moves to the beat and according to how you feel at the moment. Rhythm, as in dancing, can and will change with each partner, depending on his specific likes and dislikes. There are four different motions you use whenever performing oral sex. When and how you use them will depend on your rhythm, but the motions themselves are always the same. And FYI, the more manual you do on him the less time the oral is likely to take. -You seal your hand to your mouth in the ring shape. Or, if you want just use your mouth, but it will be more tiring. -Your mouth (with teeth covered) is moving up and down his shaft to increase length of the stimulation area for him. -Your tongue is always moving in a back-and-forth or circular motion across the frenulum area, which is the V-shaped notch at the back of the head of the penis. This allows him to feel the more textured tastebud surface throughout the experience. -Your free hand is stimulating another part of his body, such as the nipples, inner thighs, perineal area or anus, in order to broaden the area of sensual pleasure. Or even yourself. On the subject of swallowing, or allowing him to come in your mouth: your mouth, your choice. They like it because it makes them feel one of the most masculine parts of them has been accepted. Should you choose to do so, you can heighten the sensation he feels when e'jaculating, either in or not in your mouth, by pulsing your now still hands wrapped around his shaft in time with the e'jaculations. If you put the steps together, it should look like this: Use your hands to form the Ring and Seal. Remember your hand stays attached at all times to your mouth. Move your mouth up and down the length of his shaft, while maintaining a comfortable level of suction. You won't have to create much suction as your Ring can create the sensation of suction when you do the upward stroke. At the same time, your sealed hand, the one attached to your mouth, is doing a twisting motion while you are going up and down his shaft. Keep your tongue in constant motion, across the frenulum, and you can use either the tastebud surface or the smooth underside to create sensation. Don't forget to mind the babies. Invariably his testicles like to be held, fondled and warmed in your hands or mouth, so move occasionally to lick the scrotum and testicles. Worried about hair? Gently stroke the area beforehand to remove any loose little hairs. Ask him to hold your hand on them in the way he prefers. Let your free hand roam the rest of his body. Look him in the eye. make him watch you.
nicorley nicorley 26-30, F 32 Responses Oct 5, 2007

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Your boyfriend is truly fortunate to have
a girl like you-one with such excellent oral
skills! :)

My goodness girl, you should teach the class!!!! :-)

Would love a deminstration ;)

You've studied this. What a lucky guy.


Every day twice or three times a day


great - fun reading as my **** became a hard rd as i passed line by line

I wish you were closer to me - I would have given you the best of my mouth, tongue and fingers all together around the most precious of your physique down there and taken you slowly t orgasmic heights - I re-read this story today and another comment from me

I like the way you think and act :)

Too good a feeling after I tried the lessons learnt

Great you also do woman?

Let go of my ears! I know my business...

speaking of the "******" ... I heard that if the one sucking the c*ck "hums", it adds another dimension, so I asked my (now ex-wife) to "hum" as she was giving me head, and she did... and it did! ... (give the head job an extra dimension... ) ... it felt nice... I love a good head job ... always did love a good head job... I think I sometimes prefer it to vaginal sex... not sure why, but I do enjoy looking at the lady as she is ... working her magic... it's great ... LOVE IT

I have never received a bj and was maried for 26 years, now I am devorced. Wow, it sound fantastic, I wonder were I can go to get it

Very nicely written....


I have to agree with you about looking him in the eye & making him watch you, it is so erotic.

my wife could have written that! she gives the most amazing blow jobs! the sexy moaning during her sucking makes the experience even that much better. another thing she does is take her finger and rub the area between the balls and *** hole, deep throating my **** while it pumps the load into her throat. it's VERY intense!<br />
she also keeps my **** in her mouth long after i unload till it's completely limp, and keeps gently sucking. i find this to be ultra sensitive.

Your teachings are so well put, I'll just bet that you are a very capable provider...darn the luck, I'll never know.

sounds hot nicorley like your style ,give these girls some pointers ,and swallowing or allowing ******* on the face *** or **** is awsome!!!!!!!!!

My wife was the best at it. I taught her. I'd have her get me good and hard, bring it up very slowly, then she would deep throat me completely in. Take it out and slap or flick the head of it back and forth making me incredibly bigger and harder, then down deep again shaking her head from side to side. Tickling the balls and the anus added to the glory. My **** would jump like a fish it would pulsate so hard. My only regret was that she wouldn't let me *** in her mouth. We did it 69 a lot. Switching back and forth between TF and BJ while I licked and sucked her exstaticly. Ending with an awesome blast of *** between her gorgeous 36C's. None better.

Thankx, I never heard it put that way before. this will help lot.

Nice description. I love having guys *** in my mouth. I once had a bf who always came really fast either in my mouth or *****. But afterwards he had no problem either kissing me or eating me before he got hard again. Typically it was 3 or 4 times that he would *** and he was one of the best lovers I've had... and before anyone asks, his penis was only about 10 or 11 cm long.

Thanks for this lesson, Nic! I'm printing it and giving it to my wife tonight. Long live the ******!

uummm... yes, emknaps... a free shot of protein...

LOL! I was going to add a nod to huming a bit while sucking. I find it gives just a slight vibration to him that drives him wild. <br />
<br />
And from my experience, ladies... if you can swallow, he will be at your beck and call!! Follow it up with a passionate kiss and you may be surprised what he does to you!!

actually there is another thing.<br />
Sexy little moaning sound.<br />
The reason i didn't include this is becos you'll have to be enjoying it to make it. If you are trying to fake it, it'll seem like you are acting a scene from a cheap p0rn. It heightens their pleasure when they know you are enjoying yourself rather than monotonous dutiful pleasure. So the key is enjoyment, only when you do enjoy it then it'll bring pleasure naturally to your partner

LOL - I thought I was good until I read this. Now I'm good!

this is a great description. im rock hard just reading and wishing that i were experiencing it myself.

lol, i know my stuff... thanks.

This is so accurate I almost suspect it was written by a man.

never heard it broken down quite that way. lol<br />
But I like it.