the truth is i'm not a very big fan of giving head. it kinda makes my mouth hurt. but i love the way my husbands body reacts to it. that alone, makes it well worth every minute of it. plus he always reciprocates the favor, so its all goood........
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Let me see your licking area?
add me?

i luv it sooo much...the feeling of having those soft lips of ur lov wrapped around your c*** their soft, cushiness, the gently pressure on your throbbing hardness, her tongue swiveling all around my spongy tip and as she plays with the little hole at the tip with her tongue....mmmmm it just drives me can anyone live without experiencing it and not get addicted to it. it took me a long and hard convincing job to get my shy wife to even consider taking my c*** in her mouth leave alone give it more pleasure by doing all that and more of what i've described above. I had to show her so many videos to convince her to give it a try and finally have been able to bring her to a point where she happily takes it in her mouth for a few seconds but then starts feeling as if she is choking and takes it out...and it still would have been ok if she also didn't like me giving her head....oooohhhh she just loves it when I go down on her for hours and devour her sweet tasting p****. She can't stop whimpering and moaning and begging me to not stop doing it...her hands grab my hair and try to push me even more into her c*** if that was possible at all...It's not that I don't like to give head as you can figure out from what I said above, I think it's the most intimate way of telling your lover how much you love her but only I wished that it was reciprocated to me in kind as well....well some day....