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No, No Babies

Well, I'm a typical male so I love getting head. What I love about it the most is connecting my eyes with the woman's eyes while she's doing it - so f*cking sexy.

Also, I absolutely love being between a woman's legs and feeling her thighs squeeze, contract, and shake about my head. So much pressure and force, it's such a turn on. Afterwards, while she's still a little shaky, you go ahead and penetrate and she's so wet and Oh God I miss sex
deleted deleted 26-30 7 Responses Nov 1, 2007

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While you guys are mssing sex,I haven't had any sex in so long I forgot how spell the word. and I can't remeber what it feels like.

I so agree.....................I miss sex too.

OMG -- I miss sex TOO!!!! <br />
Wow - I rally love giving head and looking up at my man, seeing his eyes, hearing him moan, watching him writhe ... it is so damn sexy. <br />
<br />
I also like having someone between my legs - that is fantastic! Just feeling the breath on my hips, his tongue on my ****, and when he grabs my *** - I sooo need to get laid .....

All I can say is someone please pass a towel... OMG!

Yeah, its the same for me too...

Is your hand not helping? lol

you miss it? sounds like it has been a while...