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A Simple Gesture

As I kneel before you, my eyes full of want; you look down at me and smile. You know what I want and you are going to allow me.  You love my desire to please you, bringing you pleasure with such a simple gesture. And when our eyes meet I smile, knowing that you want what I am offering and will allow me to do so.

Immediately I reach down and unzip your jeans, sliding my hand under your briefs and removing your hard throbbing ****.  My mouth opens and you shudder as I take in your full length, your head hitting the back of my throat. You hear a slight gag followed by a deep moan. Suddenly my tongue is gently teasing the tip of your ****, swirling around your shaft.  I begin sliding you in and out of my mouth, gently biting your head, causing your **** to pulse and a small amount of fluid escapes. You let out a soft groan and whisper yes baby.  

The taste of your pre-*** is only making me want to pleasure you more.

Tasting, licking, biting and sucking.

Your hand reaching into my hair, pulling my head back, allows you to watch as I take all of you in. Our eyes meet and you smile, knowing that I am experiencing as much pleasure as you are.

At first I take you in slowly but eventually my desire begins to take over and I start moving faster, taking you in deeper, wanting desperately to taste your juices again.

Without realizing, your hips begin moving in rhythm with my taking of your ****.  

Thrusting and ******* my mouth, in & out, in & out, in & out; filling me.

Your body beginning to tense, you moan and growl loudly, exploding into my mouth as you ******.  Your juices fill my mouth and I swallow every ounce, savouring your flavour and wanting more.
wickedties wickedties 41-45, F 84 Responses Feb 20, 2010

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Beautiful story. The best is a creamy *** kiss after. Sooo!!!! nice to taste my *** out of a woman's mouth.

Very hot story! I love your passion and desire for giving a blow job. Could you add me or message me? I'd love to chat.

Thank you .....glad you enjoyed.

You are an excellent sucker. Keep it up

Lol...nice play on words.

wow sweet ANGEL, what a kind gesture on your part :) .... whewwww , it's time that I return the favor and remain at your service for as long as you please........... ;)

yes baby pl. suck my huge **** 8 inches long and 4.5 inche thick wil choke your throat ..mmmm suck hard baby you are best **** sucker ..mmmm..ohhh..suck..suck fast..i am cumingggggggggg..catch my hot cummmmmmmmmmmmmm

Yes, please!

Very nice and descriptive you write like I do. ;-) Too bad I write the way I see the world. It could get me in trouble.

And how exactly do you see the world Lordgray? Can a girl get a sample of your writing? You have me curious now...thank you btw for the compliment!

I have the gift of Dyslexia. I call it a gift because it makes you think differently. Most people, for example, if you say the word apple. They see in their mind. The word apple. The Dyslexic mind has problems with words letters just get scrambled so we don't see the word we see an apple in our minds. As for me I see a red apple with a brown stem green leaf on top. I see the apple is cool with droplets of water cascading and sticking to the gleaming waxy surface. A knife close by ready to core the apple. I can feel the knife cut through the hard red skin and penetrate the softer meaty center of the fruit. I can smell the sweet aroma as it enters my nostrils I push harder on the knife as it hits the core and feel the blade stop on the brown wooden surface the hear the crunch of the fruit fall to both sides of the silver blade. I bring the fruit to my now salivating mouth. The sweet aroma is now a collage of both sweet fruity and earthy tones. My teeth penetrate the flesh of the white of the apple and finally pop through the hard red skin on the bottom. My tongue moves the severed piece of gagged fruit to the back of my mouth were my hard molars compress and pulverize the soft and gritty fruit into smaller and smaller pieces. Until the muscular contractions of my esophagus pull the now pulpy wet mixture of apple and saliva into my stomach.
I hope that give you an idea of how I see the world. All that just from the word apple. It would take me far longer to describe what I experience when I touch the skin of a woman.

New experience Only read and saw movies about your experience. I never had the experience

Tony241959....well I am glad you enjoyed the experience. And curiousity is a very powerful thing, perhaps it will lead you to have such an experience yourself!!

Yes, when Jimmy Hoffa is

Great really boiled my Have you thought about a writing career I would purchase your books...yummy has been suggested to me that write professionally and I admit I have contemplated it. Perhaps I havent followed through b/c I worry in the literary world no one will buy it- so thank you for the ultimate compliment!! Glad you enjoyed.

Thank you Ms. Sweet are a Hot Mess and your experience shows you can keep the reader to the end of the story which is very unique. You keep the reader wanting more...and looking forward to the next

Very well done, lucky the man that has that experience with you.

Thank you Coldwarrior; glad you enjoyed!

It's nice to know that you do that just not to please me but for your own satisfaction, as I was reading I got a hard on thanks for that ;)

You are welcome Hyrok40! *smiles wickedly*

Now that is a hot description of how to serve your man!

Dynamicduo00.....thank you; glad you liked!

Now there are two women in my life who can suck me off right. My wife... and you. Wonderful story. Bravo!

Thank you for the very gracious compliment InterestingEXP!! I am flattered *smiles*

Never received a blow job that made me ***.

Patsfan1287...seriously??? Wow. I would suspect then you have only been with women who give head out of a sense of obligation vs women who actually love giving head. There is a BIG difference and well, YOU WOULD HAVE ***.

I completely understand I am the child of a obsessive-compulsive vaginal-cheetos hoarder disorder parent.

after reading your dont even have to unzip my pants!!good one!!

Well thank you Rahul0841...glad you liked.

I love giving oral sex to a woman and receiving from a woman as well...but heck what straight man doesn't feels so good it can be nearly fatal with the pleasure.

i love it when you talk dirty!

Dirtyfortydude...whay aren't I surprised that? lol.

thats pretty much how i would do it too


WOW!!! such great detail, after that I would definitely return the pleasure............

I am sure that would be very appreciated....*smiles* Glad you enjoyed the story Appraiserjes.

Very let me take care of woody

well say hi to woody for me...*smiles wickedly* glad you enjoyed A1merica. had me.....oohhhh so ready. Very Nice.

Glad you enjoyed Tonguetease...curious though, your username, are you are a wordsman OR just really talented orally??

i like to think of myself as the tongue i love to use it, words im ok but licking that..........yeah im

The Tongue KIng?? Self proclaimed?? Nice! *smiles and chuckles* Why do I suddenly see you, Tonguetease, making an infommercial, wearing a crown and telling everyone to '*** on down and give me a try'. Hmmmm....

Yeah i could be like Billy Blanks, but showing the world how to do push-ups with your tongue.....

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Wow - very well written. This captures the essense of why I so enjoy facefucking a hotwife.

Well thank you C417...glad you enjoyed!

Nicely done. I hope you'll drop in and leave a comment or two on some of my stories.

DirtyMartini, thank you for your comment and I will check out a story or two of yours. *smiles*

wow, just saw this. Thanks for the rush!

Youre welcome.

Perfect...i loved your story

Glad you liked it. *smiles*

So poetic! Absolutley beautiful!!!

Thank you...

this is an absolute classic. should be posted in every major publication and journal out there. you have me standing in attention; erect, rock-hard, ready to stroke off and let it ooze and keep flowing out. something about you and your writing helps me get in touch with myself!! you are a goddess among men. I may be young but I am so ready to look into your eyes, smile at your as you look up to me and smile back before we make history. what is life, anyway? we live a little, then we're gone. you are heaven sent and a guy can't stop believing he'll one day too get a taste of your ravishing glory :D

Wow, that is certainly a compliment, thank you. *smiles*

Wow..very enjoyable. thanks for writing it. You have a talent.

Showstar...which talent are we talking about exactly?? Lol. Just joking, thank you for the compliment.

Wow, very hot. Thank you for sharing.

My pleasure...thank you for the comment.

You're most welcome.

i def have a crush on you. youre so pretty

well thank you...I am flattered!

what a way to start the morning lol :)

it my favourite way.....pleasure and breakfast all in one! oh sorry, did I say that?!? lol

we need to get together sometime lol. but ur smart. protein after a workout is wat the doctor ordered :D

yeah...I've heard that before *smiles wickedly*

if u want i could be the doctor u cud be the nurse. ill give u a healthy dose :D

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I really really enjoyed this story very nice

Well I am really glad you did, thank you.

now look what you done,im hard.

You're welcome!!

Would be great to b your man!

Rashad3900.....well I am sure there would be days indeed where he was happy but I am sure there are some days when he says to himself "wtf?"....I can be a little nuts sometimes!! Lol.

Theaterlover, you make me blush with your kind compliment....very happy to hear that you enjoyed this writing. And I do indeed check comments and attempt to respond to each comment. *smiles*<br />
<br />
Rubicon21, Thank you! Funny thing is it took some time to find a man who would except my gesture.....over and over. *smiles and chuckles*

I have to say, this is one of the most erotic pieces I have had the pleasure of reading. I hope you are still checking your comments sometimes.

Lisitus, well, that is a very wonderful compliment in a round about way, lol! Thanks....

That was beautiful. I enjoyed what you did here so much that if it was real, I would be ready to die a happy man.

Cheyenne527, thank you..... and you make me blush! *smiles*'s actions speak more than words, I have always said that. *smiles* and I am very happy you enjoyed my writing. Thank you.

It may be a simple gesture in your eyes, but what it communicates means so very much more. Thank you for an awesome story!

Ivanaderson, thank for reading and for your lovely comment. *smiles*

Very strong and powerful image--thank you for sharing...

Rayreef, well I am happy to hear that it worked for you....a great compliment, thank you!

Dearest PIXIE, you are such a positive influence, you have no idea! Thank you! *smiles*<br />
<br />
SCOTTYSCORPIO, thank you very much!

MASTERand pet, thank you for the compliment. *smiles*

Your desc<x>ription of the exchange of pleasure is so vivid and perfectly accurate. I take the same enormous satisfaction to lick and tease my lover and feel her thighs quiver as she moves toward blissful release. Sigh.

DE1946123, well thank you for the a writer I am very happy to hear that people can truly relate/enjoy what I am writing. I write from experience and want people to feel as if they are there, whether they are watchign or comment is truly the ultimate compliment, thank you.<br />
<br />
KENORAPILOT, Thank you *smiles* and it was an incredible experience, yes.

Wow, love that story! Gotta love that experience! :)

I have to agree that pleasuring a woman is as exciting as receiving a grt8 blow job. Your desc<x>ription is excellent and i would like to have cyber sex with you. some time. The way you describe a blow job and the way that I describe a oral pleasuring of a woman should bring us to climax.<br />
<br />
I did it this morning with a lady friend. We usually do it on a chat session on YIM, but the last two times we did it on Skype so that we could talk to each other and listen to our voices as we get closer and closer to climax. WOW what an experience. She's does not live close to me but, Skype has brought us a closer. Thanks for your story.<br />
<br />
Contact me soon.

Busty5, yes it is indeed an area that can bring lots of pleasure to both the giver and the receiver....<br />
<br />
DayPassion, well I am glad it ended your day on a good note *smiles*

Wow...what a way to end a beautiful day...reading this....

This is one area where I enjoy giving more than receiving. I love sucking ****. :-) It brings us both pleasure.

Eh0i0jyets, Thank you! I am glad that you liked it and that it felt as if you were there.....that is the greatest compliment, thank you again!<br />
<br />

Wow, like it was really happening to me, I was so "sucked" in. If I had to guess on the second one, I would say it has something to do with being licked so clean. But than again I could be wrong. Thank you for describing that to us. When you find a man, he will be blessed.

Luvsoral.....hmmmm, fancy that a guy with a username such as yours would like this story......*chuckles* Thank you.

You are some kind of woman! I love this hon.

Pixie.....*giggles back* thank you!<br />
<br />
ANEWME, thank you for your kind words and glad you enjoyed it.

Great story--couldn't agree more--it's one of the most intimate things we can share with our partner---

Hmmmm....thank you My Darling! You are the only fan base I need! **smiles**

PaladinOH, thank you! **smiles**

Very, very sensual story. Wonderful image. Thank you.

PaladinOH, I am sure there are a few people who would like to see that...LOL. But thank you for the compliment, which is how I am going to take it. *smiles*

I like that, I'd love to see the look on your face like that.

Risenphoenix, as with you, I enjoy being the receiver very much, however, there is nothing better than pleasing my lover. To please him is the ultimate pleasure for me, to look in his eyes and see that he is enjoying what I have to offer him.....there is no better feeling.

As enjoyable as it is to receive, I take more pleasure in being the giver. The fragrance and taste of a warm, wet woman is one of the most sensuous things that I've ever experienced.<br />
I did enjoy your description, especially of the semi-submissiveness.

GoodMan67, well thank you for stopping by..... and I am glad you felt it was worth it! Exchanging of techniques.....hmmmm......I will get back to you *chuckles*<br />
<br />
PaladinOH, Thank you for the comment. I believe one should never underestimate the value of a gentle!

Love your description. I always have loved having a woman bite on my ****. It just feels so good as she is sucking on my ****.

Wow. That was worth stopping to read. As much as I receiving, I love giving more. Maybe an exchange of techniques...

Pamperurft, well it sounds as if it was as good for you as it had been for me!?! You are welcome!<br />
<br />
Hardwood1.........hmmm, well perhaps for the right lover there would be more than 2...anything is possible. As for the other one, I am thinking you are a smart beaver, you can figure it out!

Well.......*chuckles* have quite the way with the words there uglybuzzard47. But thank you, I am going to take that as a compliment. *smiles and chuckles*

Hmmmm, interesting description, I will have to ponder that for a bit......I do like the word 'raptorous'.

Licking a wet desirous ***** to ****** is for me an equally rapturous pleasure.

Hmmm, perhaps......*smiles*

Let me guess the second one, it starts with A... *winks*

Deepstorm63, Soma1971 & Chocolatenips, thank you to you all for the comments!<br />
<br />
Knottygentleman, yes, giving oral pleasure can be incredibily rewarding. For me it is one of two ulitmate gestures that I can do to show my love/respect/trust for my lover. And thank you in regard to the avatar ........and I can imagine what idea came to your mind.

I have taken a long time to understand the derived pleasure a woman would take out of giving oral pleasure, mistakenly thinking it was a one-way street. Real life experiences and stories like yours remind me that pleasing someone is often reward enough. Nice new picture by the way, it gave me an idea that I shall share later...

thats was beautful thank you

Sounds familiar thx

I know I would love it.

Thank you! And should I find a man, we will see if he thinks the same.

Sigh... you are a godsend and a dream. Your man is a lucky guy!

Married2bf...well it is nice that someone recognizes it, lol. Seriously, thank you!