I Mumbled "I Dunno," Not "Oreo"

Its the greatest oreo commercial in years. There in a meeting trying to find out a name for this new cookie.  The guy eating them is dunking it in milk, and mr big shot looks out the window ask the guy eating the cookies

"what would you name the cookies?"

His mouth is full and he says "I dunno" you know it was mumbled but you could make it out. 

The twist comes after "Your brilliant, well name it OREO." and his face looks puzzled, The end.

They do the same thing with TWIX commercials too, but its not that funny as from the original.

nrcsguy nrcsguy
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2 Responses Mar 24, 2009

it was an old classic. I hope they bring it back sometimes just for laughs.

i haven't seen that one, but it sounds funny! :)