The Sweetest Torture...

I've been in a relationship on and off for several years now with a man who drives me absolutely insane with ****** denial. He will tease me just to the p oint of pushing me over the edge, and then stop and command me to wait. There are consequences if I am unable to maintain control, and rewards for when I am able to be good. Sometimes, we will repeat this pattern for hours before he finally allows me the release, and the ******* on those days are so intense and amazing that I still beg for more.
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6 Responses Mar 9, 2011

sound like fun.

Unff I wish I was you !!

I am great with my tongue. Do you like to be teased that way?

i do like doing and receiving this.. seeing how far and close you can get someone and then stopping leaving them hanging.. it certainly builds up the tension.<br />
so what are your consequences if you don't maintain control?

I do this to my husband, I let him approach the pleasure and then I gave him his chastity belt. Several times a week. mmmhhh:)

Good obediant slave