1st Time

The first time we tried this was on holiday a couple of years ago. It was late at night but still really hot in the hotel room. We were in bed playing with each other. She had already come and was finishing me off with her hand. Every time I got close to coming I told her to stop. I was on the verge of coming for ages. I started to stroke myself so I could control it, then told her I wanted her to pull my hand away from my c-ck just as I was about to come. She thought it was a strange idea, but agreed. I got as close as I could to coming, with my c-ck twitching, ready to shoot. Then I told her to stop me, and she slapped my hand away from my c-ck, holding my hand so I couldn't finish. It felt so good to be left so close to coming. I asked her to fall asleep with my c-ck in her hand, so I couldn't touch myself. It was amazing to be left so excited but unable to do anything about it. Since then we have repeated it many times. I love it when she comes during sex then pushes me off, leaving me frustrated. We also use a strap on, which is fantastic cos I get to watch her enjoy herself. She acts as if I really am f-cking her - she pinches my nipples and plays with my balls etc, and then when she comes she makes me keep the strap on on all night. I love waking in the morning and remembering I still have the big plastic c-ck over my own.
cuckold40 cuckold40
May 13, 2011