The First Time We Teased Him

(Please be advised that this true story contains elements of smoking, girl-on-girl, and femdom.)

It was a hot summer night and the power went out in suburbia, leaving the shy breeze from the open windows to swirl the bong smoke through the bedroom on the lazy flow of forgettable iPod music and flickering candles dripping on hastily found pie tins scattered in strategic places around the room. The three of them had been comfortable just moments ago, hugging their herb dealer good bye and plopping down to partake of the newest sack, but the lack of TV noise and air conditioning changed the atmosphere of their friendly gathering, and they stretched lazily on the empty floor in the heat, pulling off their shirts in the bubbly euphoria of the first few hits.

Gia watched Lena lean toward her to hand over the pipe, unable to keep her gaze from catching the movement of her lover's smooth round breasts, glittering with beaded sweat and candlelight. She felt herself wanting to pull her forward, wanting to press her face into Lena's skin, breathing in the perfect scent of summer, sex, and sage smoke that encompassed her essence- but she caught herself, instead taking the bong and pulling Mother Earth deeply into her lungs, expelling a burst of cloud and laughing at herself, trying to think of other things and show no arousal in front of their male company.

"So, are you two, like, lesbians?" His question caught Gia off guard. She threw the lighter at him, glancing at his face and realizing by his slight leer that he must have caught her staring at Lena for those few inopportune seconds.

She shook her head. "Only some days," she responded flippantly, waiting for him to clear the pipe and hand it back.

Lena snorted. "Most days," she added, rolling her eyes and blowing a half-kiss at Gia.

Gia said nothing, wondering how he'd respond to the news that the two topless dark-haired women in front of him were partners. Lena shrugged and set the bong aside, laying back. The three of them laid in silence for some time, feeling the high pouring over them like warm fizzies pumping through their veins, until Gia rolled toward Lena, bored of being cautious, and kissed her hard, pressing their bodies together. Lena, always unabashed and full of attitude, responded without hesitation, her hands roaming over slick skin as Gia fisted her fingers in her Lena's long black hair, biting and kissing her neck as they rolled together. Their movements were a celebration of sensation, their legs embracing each other, and their audience listened to their soft moans with growing arousal as he watched them play.

Lena laid back against the hard floor, spreading her legs to welcome the familiar movements, wriggling her hips in invitation but Gia took her time, kissing and touching every inch of her smooth brown skin from her face to her toes, almost drunk on the spicy scent of her body. She ravaged her breasts with lips and teeth, biting and licking and sucking. Lena was a beautiful sight beneath her. Her chest heaved with the breathlessness of desire and Gia slowed her pace, relaxing into lazy high licks along her thighs and further upward, pressing her teeth into the ridge of her hipbone while her hands wandered further, one finally reaching Lena's *****- she pressed her fingers gently into her, curving them against her G-spot and leaning down to tease her ****, tasting, kissing, and finally licking and sucking with smooth but purposeful movements.

They'd completely forgotten the boy laying near them, staring at this sight of wanton pleasure and freedom, completely immersed in the perfection that is two women who love. Gia continued in warm oblivion, letting Lena's juices drip down her fingers and hand as she pushed her further and further, speeding the movements of her mouth and fingers in accordance to the throbbing she could feel in Lena's **** when the writhing girl closed her legs around her head, smothering her with the tense muscles of her thick thighs. Lena's hands cupped her own breasts, flicking across her nipples in tandem, and she arched and shuddered as a deluge of ****** pounded her body.

Lena didn't pause for a moment. She sat straight up and pressed her hands on Gia's bare shoulders, flipping her onto her back in one smooth practiced motion. Gia laughed as she smacked against the floor, willingly surrendering when Lena sat back against her hips and pinned her arms above her head. Lena's kisses on her face were hard but sweet. Gia closed her eyes, pressing herself against the lips that grazed her skin and teased her nerves, drifting in the endless sensations for what seemed like hours. She did not open them until she heard Lena giggle.

"Get over here and let me use your ****," Lena ordered, glancing back to their young voyeur and laughing at the enormously obvious bulge in his thin shorts. He stared at her for a couple of long seconds, torn between shying away from an unknown experience and wanting to jump right in, but of course his **** won out and he scooted over, pushing off his clothes as he moved.

She raised up off of Gia and pulled him closer, grabbing his **** and stroking it lightly as she positioned him between Gia's legs and shoved him forward. He groaned a deep animal sound as he felt himself encased in her slick ****, felt her squeeze around him... Lena watched with obvious enjoyment before pushing him forward so that his hands were pressed against the floor on either side of Gia's shoulders, buried deep inside her. She reached behind him stroking and pulling on his full heavy balls, watching his face go blank with pleasure and relief to no longer be the horny bystander of the group.

Then she returned to Gia, flooding her with sensations, caressing her body with her soft hands, raking her nails up and down her sides with carnal force, eventually finding her throat and letting one hand squeeze tightly there, making her gasp for breath in a delicious struggle for air and pleasure- over and over again, squeezing her small hand tightly there for long enough to be dramatic, and then letting go- letting sweet air fly unburdened into her captive lover's lungs. Lena's devilish torments were abruptly interrupted when she heard their friend's hoarse announcement that he was going to ***, and she easily leaned sideways, slapping him hard on the ***. "Don't you ***!" she exclaimed sharply, distracting him, forcing him to slow his pace, and he shook his head violently with the shock of the pain. She slapped his *** cheeks hard and repeatedly, spanking red handprints into his skin, forcing him away from the edge he'd been fast approaching. He gritted his teeth against this new and unwelcome but somehow further arousing experience and slowed down to a torturous speed, pulling out slowly, almost completely, before inching back deep into her spasming center. "I'm good, I'm good," he grunted between clenched teeth, and Lena relented, allowing him to continue without striking him further.

Lena left them to their passionate deep thrusts for a few moments, taking a deep pull off the bong, and then returned, leaning to kiss Gia and exhaling the smoke into her mouth. Gia reached forward, sitting up partways, and grabbed hold of her friend's hips, yanking him toward her, making him **** her harder, faster, harder harder... she fell back, propped on her elbows, biting her bottom lip hard with the effort to hold the hit in her lungs as he pounded her painfully hard- exactly the way she wanted it, and she didn't exhale until she came, screaming out in a cloud of exhale as she flooded his **** with her liquids, feeling like her body was going to explode into the still summer night, unable to contain the waves of pleasure combined with euphoria of sudden oxygen rush.

She shoved him away from her when she was done, and he whimpered a little with the sudden emptiness around his ****. She laid in a tangle with Lena for a moment, then raised up to take another hit, purposefully blowing the smoke at his glistening, visibly throbbing ****. He watched them with a look of confusion and longing, hoping against hope that they would not leave him to finish himself off alone after having brought him to such a state of aching need.

Gia laughed at his expression. She knew what he was thinking. She leaned forward to where he was kneeling awkwardly between them, unsure of what to do with himself, not quite wanting to give up and move back to his place off to the side of them. He gasped when she licked him, a long slow lick from his balls to the shiny tip, savouring the taste of herself on him. She continued, noisily slurping her wetness off of him, and his legs trembled with the effort to stay still, half afraid that if he moved he'd somehow break the spell and she'd leave his **** cold and wet again.

Instead, Lena joined them, and they sucked on him together, or alternated between having their mouths on his **** to kissing and biting up and down his chest and stomach, tormenting his nipples with their teeth and tongue tips and then playing with his **** some more. driving him just a little more mad, and stopping at exactly the moments he didn't want them to stop. His balls hurt from the efforts he'd made to hold himself back when he was ******* Gia and the tease they were imposing upon him in his desperate state.

Lena laid down and pulled him over her, letting him push his **** into her mouth from above her, and Gia pushed him forward once more and he was back on all fours. Lena forced him to move slowly, ******* her mouth and struggling to maintain control of himself and follow her direction to pause when his cockhead hit the back of her open throat. Gia smiled, watching them as she smoked, and then laid on her side beside them, giggling and tickling his exposed *** cheeks with her fingernails. She loved how he wriggled about, unable to do much for fear of pushing himself more onto Lena than she preferred. She expertly pleasured him, swirling her tongue around the swollen, dripping tip, and Gia pushed him further, tickling his puckered ******* with her fingertips and making him squirm even more, wanting badly to ***, wanting her to stop touching him that way, and wanting her to continue. The tickling and the teasing were too much for him. "PLEASE are you ready for me to *** now?" he requested, and Lena nodded under him even as she accepted him into her throat. He gratefully began to **** her willing mouth at a much faster speed, marveling at the flicks of her tongue as he drew closer and closer, incomparably aroused by her expertise and the strangely arousing tickling on his *******. They did not interrupt him, letting him feel this moment at his own pace, letting him know the feeling of hands and mouths on his body pulling from him his ****** with great fervor.

When he came, his groans were guttural and long. He fell down against the floor between them when it was over, covered in sweat and sex and candlelight, knowing he'd never be able to resist these two women. They kissed his cheeks and shotgunned hits from the pipe against his lips, intertwined in the connection that only that kind of sex can bring. They laid together naked and breathed each other's scents until they fell asleep.
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