Denied And Loved It

I was visiting a friend one summer who was hosting a party with his family. Late in the afternoon we were playing volleyball and a beautiful girl came to join us. She was wearing short shorts and a tight blue tank top which could barely contain her big boobs. We started talking later on and there was an instant attraction. Her name was Ana and she had a sexy Spanish accent.

During dinner time we sat beside one another. While we were eating she reached under the table and started rubbing my **** through my shorts and I became rock hard. As night came we were flirting and she lifted her shirt so I could see her breasts. She then told me to suck them, which I was dying to do anyway. She started ******* me off but then abruptly stopped and told me she would see me tomorrow. I was soaking with precum and went home to jerk off.

The next day I went home for lunch and she called to say she was coming over. It wasn't long before we were in bed together. I went down on her licking and sucking her ***** and finger ******* what was probably the tightest ***** I'd ever had. She told me to suck her nipples while I fingered her and that made her ****** with a loud scream. I then mounted her and began pushing my dripping rock hard **** into her *****. I was halfway in and she told me to get a condom (a bit late at this point), so I did. Before I put it on she gave me a fantastic ******* - stopping before I came - and then used her mouth to put the condom on my aching ****.

I was finally ready to **** her. I mounted her again, when, to my surprise, she told me she had a boyfriend and didn't feel right about going all the way. She got up, put on her clothes and left.

As frustrated as I was, I was still somehow even more horny by being denied.....that's not to say I would not have preferred to have gone all the way. My gf and I do denial sometimes for a few weeks and I love the feeling!
Paulbernard Paulbernard
22-25, M
Dec 13, 2012