****** Denial Fantasy

I just got an idea for an ****** denial fantasy taken from this video


I would be strapped to a chair just like this girl, but the vibrator would be on a varied setting randomly changing speed so as just to tease me and not let me ******, I would also need to pee, I wouldn't be very desperate only to the point where I had could hold it but if I relaxed even a tiny bit I would pee, next my master would torture me by binding my **** and adding clamps to my nipples and *****. On the screen there would be alternating videos of people peeing, orgasming or having sex. Every time i beg for him to let me *** or pee he will add a weight to each clamp make me drink a shot off some energy drink. and Also I'm adding in a toilet I front of the desk my master can pee or master bate in to teach me my place in the world and show me what I'm missing. Oh how I would love this to happen mmmmmmm !

Sorry about spelling and grammer had this idea and just had to share it ;)!
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I wish this could happen to me

With the added length, and the intense vibration in new places, you need only about 3 to 4 more seconds to ***, when the vibe cuts off. You moan and thrust your hips forward in an attempt to force yourself to ***, when the strap across your belly presses hard on your bladder. Instead of orgasming, you almost **** on yourself. Just as you regain what little control you had, somehow scooting your *** back in the seat, the vibe turns back on. You again clinch your fists, thinking 'oh God, yes, YES! Just a little more! I'm gonna...' And then it turns off again. "No, NO!, let me ***!" you say out loud...

Mmmm I'd love this to happen to me mmmmmf

You sit there squirming as much as your binds will allow, trying not to pee. I turn on the tv, and it shows a bound female sucking a long, thick **** and slowly being tortured. Even though I can't see your ***** behind the chastity belt, I know its sloppy wet with your juices. Now I remotely turn on the vibe planted in your *****, making you moan and squirm...

After I test it for about 2 minutes (just enough to make sure it works correctly), I tie you to the chairlift this-your elbows are tied together behind your back, above the chair back, your wrists are tied together. Your feet are pulled back and tied to the back legs of the chair. There is a length of rope wrapped several times around your chest, forcing your breasts downward. There is also a strap snug around your belly, not allowing you to scoot forward on the seat...

mmmmmmm this is so hot :D, carry on please :)

Once bound, you wiggle and squirm when I finger your ****. It's so wet, its almost dripping with your juices. You continue to squirm, as you are now at that point that if you hold completely still, you will **** on the floor. As I insert the 7" vibe to lock the chastity belt around your waist, you gasp. Once locked on, I test the pre programed vibe, set to vibrate on high for 15 seconds, then cut off for 25 seconds...

It's now 11am, and you are still kneeling, waiting on my instructions. A few minutes later, I take your hand, and order you to come with me. When we get in the room, you see a tv, a chastity belt with a vibe in it (you don't know the vibe is 7"), a wooden chair attached to the floor, cuffs on a chain from the ceiling, and various torture devices on a table. I lead you to the chains and cuff your hands above your head...

I own you, and we've been together 8 weeks. It's Saturday morning 9am, and you are kneeling beside the bed, waiting your first instruction of the day. You don't have to pee terribly bad, but if (when) it gets worse, you will squirm uncontrollably. You hear me cleaning up in the bathroom, and the water I running isn't helping your situation. Since I've owned you, I've been testing your your *******. I know that when I lock a chastity belt around your waist with a 6" variable speed vibe inserted in your *****, with the vibe wide open, it takes you 30 to 40 seconds to ******...

I'd love to be part of this story

How would you like to be :)?

I'd love to be that guy in the story, to do any of those things to you would be a dream come true

Mmmm it's make my dream come true too.

I think I need to build this particular setup room...

Yes you do :D, I'd gladly try it out for you

I just hope you could take it ;)

Mm is that a challenge ;), but I'm pretty sure I could (;