Tease And Denial

He slid his hand along her silky smooth leg and up under her skirt. She let his hand graze her panties but then pushed it away. She let him kiss her neck and he breathed her in deeply. She noticed the bulge straining in his pants. “You seem very horny” she told him. He nodded and continued to fondle and stroke her body. “Okay,” she said. She led him to the couch, where she proceeded to recline. She reached under her skirt and slipped off her panties. Then she opened her legs for him and rocked her pelvis toward him, indicating he should please her. “Thank you,” he moaned, as he got onto his knees, placed his hands around her thighs, and lowered his face to her. She knew he loved to go down on her, that it made him ache and tremble, and made his **** stiff. She knew he loved when she straddled his face and pressed her weight down on him, using his mouth and tongue as she pleased. When she did this his **** would throb and strain at the air, wanting to be touched but loving the denial. She knew it only heightened his excitement if she concentrated on her pleasure. He pleased her slowly and sensuously, building her toward her climax. Eventually she pushed his head away and began to stroke herself. “Take out your **** and let me see it,” she told him. He quickly complied, releasing his straining member from his pants. “Get on your knees again so you can watch me better,” she said. She stroked herself harder, moaning slightly, as he watched, his head between her legs. “Stroke yourself,” she moaned, gyrating her hips toward him as she came closer and closer. He ran his fingertips over his hard ****, sending shivers up and down it. He felt intense pleasure all along it and deep inside. The ache was intense and he wanted her to force him to the edge but no further, only allowing him to watch as she came instead. “Does it make you ache to watch me? Do you want to **** me? Do you want to come? You haven’t come in 2 weeks, you must be aching so badly.” She whispered to him as he watched, stroking his throbbing and dripping ****. She knew he wouldn’t last if he tried to **** her now, and she knew he needed to wait longer. She knew he wanted her to make him wait until he was begging for it, and then still deny him. It seemed cruel but she knew it drove him wild. She didn’t ask him if he wanted to, and she knew he wouldn’t come without her permission. “Watch me come, baby,” she moaned, as she climaxed powerfully, squeezing his face between her legs. She slowly released him and caught her breath. She sat up and took his straining **** in her hand. “Did you like that?” she asked him. He told her it was so amazing, that he loved every second and he felt her ****** deep inside his ****. “Me too, it felt really good. Now I’m going to make you ache more than you can believe.” She placed his **** in her mouth and took him deep a few times, feeling him tremble. She worked the length of his ****, and just the tip, feeling him pulse and throb. When she saw him tense or felt his breathing quicken, she would stop, only to continue the slow stroking again once he had recovered. She had him moaning and trembling uncontrollably. Finally she released him. “Be patient, baby. Good things come to those who wait,” she told him with a wink. “I’ll have you begging me to let you come soon, we’ll see.” She hugged him and tucked him back into his pants, then kissed him deeply. “Thank you, you are so amazing,” he told her. She would let him come in another week or so, perhaps after a repeat performance of his tongue, perhaps with a few long strokes of her fingers, or her tongue. It wouldn’t take long with the state he was in now. Then he would be able to satisfactorily **** her the way she craved again, at least until she had made him wait a long time once again…
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Whoa, that was hot.

I think a lot of people will like it, and I know I for one would be interested in reading something similar.