Denied All Day

Just before he went to work this morning, my husband told me that I am not allowed to *** until he gets home tonight.

He knows that I've been chatting online with a couple of guys, and he knows that I've had some great ******* while chatting, and I think maybe he's a little jealous. He knew I'd be chatting today because I was off today, and he told me that I was forbidden from ******* until he got home.

To make things harder, he wanted me to ********** ever 30 minutes to the point of *******, and stop. Well, I haven't been very good about that. I did for the first three hours, but I couldn't keep going. Now I'm just periodically brushing my hand against myself, and reading stories and chatting.

Tonight, when Nick gets home, he's going to please me while I'm chatting with someone. It'll be like virtually having a third person in the bedroom. And I'm giving that third person control over me. So while Nick will be doing his best to drive me over the edge, this other man on the other side of the computer will be the one to say "when."

I'm already so horny that I'm almost grinding myself against my chair as I'm sitting here typing this. I've been texting my husband and this other guy all day long, driving them and myself crazy.

I have about 3 more hours to go before he even gets home. Being denied is amazing. It makes the ultimate ****** so much more intense. And it's pleasurable in itself, as well, riding that edge and hanging on . . . but OMG, I can't think of anything else but how badly I need to *** already . . .
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2 Responses Sep 25, 2013

I would love to chat with you while you two have sex.

I'm Matt

Very sexy...would love to hear how it turned out...